Tuesday, August 22, 2017 – A storm is coming

The problem with living on an island and having visitors is can they get back off the island to return to the mainland based on the weather conditions.  We all knew a blow was predicted for this afternoon and Ethan let us know yesterday the ferry was already cancelled for today but he would make a special trip out to get my friends, who all needed to be back to work tomorrow.  This morning we got word he would be arriving at 9am in the small boat to pick them up because the winds would start filling in by noon.

The lifestyle Brian and I live is not always an easy one to plan on visiting our friends, it has been 2 years since I saw this group and it is always a sad note to a visit for me knowing it may be another 2 years before seeing them again.  Dr. Tom, Dr. Dianna and I had our final gabfest about workplaces this morning, mainly we just needed to catch up on gossip and then 8:45 arrived and down the hill to the beach we go.  Ethan was right on time, and I started the dinghy service out to the boat, there were hugs, smiles and tears, and I am so very grateful to know I have amazing friends in my life like these 4!

The tram

Once Brian and I got the dinghied secured and the oars stowed away, we headed back up the hill to figure out what we were going to do on island for 2 days with big weather and no visitors.  The weather also means our friend who was due to arrive today had to cancel as well as our day off tomorrow has been postponed.

It was a busy traffic day around the island as all of the boats are trying to get to a safe spot for the predicted weather
But there was great wind for the sailboats around the island to have a jaunty sail

I decided to work on the garden and start getting it tidied up for our departure in 10 days and I wanted to see if I could pick some more blackberries because I want to try my hand at Blackberry Jam before I leave the island.  Brian wanted to continue to explore and clear the stonewall he found off the Cove Trail, so plans were made, radios turned on to CH. 78 and off we went.  It really did stay quiet on the island, the winds did start to pick up by 2pm and we just kept ourselves entertained.  Around 4pm, we heard the island being hailed on the marine radio CH 16, it was the MV Capricho wanting to know if they could come ashore for a quick visit.  I responded in the positive that we would love for them to come up for a visit and let them know our cove was not the safest place for a boat this size (or any size) with the weather predicted over the next 36 hours.  They assured me they were only making a short stop and will be moving on to Boothbay Harbor tonight.  It was nice to have a chance to meet with the 3 members who came ashore and we joked about the rumors they would have fresh baked cookies awaiting them, but I mentioned I needed a few extra minutes to get the oven ready to bake.  Maybe on their return visit, a cookie or 2 will be awaiting them.

I finished a fun project tonight, Kenny Beck, the seal

By the time sunset came, the winds were up to above 20 mph and the surf had started to break loudly along the western shore.  The confirmation of our day off tomorrow came through and we also knew tomorrow was going to be another lonely day on island, what fun things can we come up with to keep us busy?

Guests today – 3

Guests total – 2207

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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