Monday, August 21, 2017 – The Solar Eclipse

We all woke up to another gorgeous morning, our friends are still walking around with their mouth open in awe with the views this island offers.  It still amazes me but it is still the best when new arrivals get that ahhhh moment at every turn. It was fun to sit on the front porch, drinking coffee and catching up with each other’s lives.  I gave them the rundown of our day on the island, letting them know from 11-2p we are fairly tied up with the visitors but I did give them some suggestions of which trails to walk and what they can see along the way.

The big event today is the solar eclipse, it is supposed to start the shadow at 1:29pm and we should have a 55% shadow at 2:45pm, and will end at 3:57pm.  None of us have eclipse glasses but we do have a physics professor so we are all certain somehow, we will get to see the eclipse.

The solar eclipse viewed in a low tech manner
Mark S. trying to get the best angle with his foil and white paper for all of us to see
A family of 4 +dog from Quebec came on island to visit and became part of the viewing party

The visitors started early this morning with our first group up the hill at 9:30 and it continued right up until 1:30 when the ferry group left.  It gave us time to gather and figure out how we could view the eclipse.  The result was we used the old fashion way of aluminum foil, a whole and a white piece of paper on the porch rail.  It worked out great.  We added a family of 4 from Quebec to our viewing party as well.

Once all of the eclipse excitement ended, 3 of us went down to the cove to retrieve the lobsters from the catch box Jackson Percy left for us tied to the Coast Guard buoy. It was fun, a little wet and all lobsters were safely transferred to the bucket and brought back to shore. It was getting close to low tide and we had to do a few minutes of sea glass hunting, always a fun thing to share with others.  I made us stop because we had all planned to walk the Cobblestone/Cove Loop and then come down as a group to hunt.

Climbing the rocks with friends

Just a little marching around the island with friends

Again, I took my group to go out and explore the island, this is nothing but a big playground for us to enjoy.  We traipsed everywhere and Brian was great to remember to get pictures of us big kids out and about.  When we got to Cobblestone Beach, I explained to everyone what a wishing rock was, a rock with a perfect white circle surrounding it of a different type of rock.  If you find this rock, it is lucky and you can make a wish with it.  We all found our perfect wishing rock and decided we would make our wish on the Cove Beach and throw them all in together.  Another successful adventure which we needed to call it quits because we promised Brian we would be back to get the lobster dinner started and we might have been about an hour late, oops!

While we were out exploring, Brian met up with 2 kayakers who arrived from Small Point.  They were a little concerned about the sea state and tides to move on and wanted to know if they could camp on island tonight.  After a quick call to Cyndy and knowing we had a group that was supposed to arrive tonight to camp, it was decided to give them refuge and they agreed it would not be a problem to share the site with the original campers, who still had not arrived.

The lobster dinner was perfect, some of us with steaks, fresh green beans from the garden and a little bit of everything from the fridge.  Sunset is getting so early now that we almost missed it, but a quick run outside in time to see the ball sink behind Phippsburg and then back to the table.  My friends brought a board game as a present called “Sequence”, so much fun!  It is best played in teams of 2, a card came of sequencing and you play with a team mate but have no idea what cards they hold.  We continued to play until midnight, I am not sure I have seen midnight on the island, ever!

Guests today – 35

Guests total – 2204

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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