Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A different back drop for the tower today, rainy skies. We haven’t just had rain for weeks

The rain which was predicted has been falling all night and most of this morning.  The ladies from Southport Yacht Club hiked the North Trail in the light rain and decided to head out home because the fog was starting to roll in.  The island was quiet after that, mostly wet and foggy through the afternoon.

Brian and I forced ourselves to get out and walk some, we decided to go to the cove and bring some of our bags and empty water jugs down for tomorrow’s day off.  Now in the morning we will need to carry our cups of coffee and the bag of laundry. Once back up the hill, I cleaned the guest quarters and changed the bed linens for Friday’s group.

This was a slow day until we decided to start cooking dinner around 6, Brian was cooking and I was cleaning the cottage when 6 visitors, also FOSILS members walked up the trail.  Time to shut down the stove, turn off the vacuum and give a tour.  This group is from Georgetown near the Sagadahoc Bay mud flats and comes over every year. Nice group.

The island traffic report – today the MS American Constellation passed the island at a slow speed for this ship, I think they were enjoying the sunset also. The picture didn’t do the sun reflection on the ship justice!

Trying to write today’s post makes it seem we were slugs for most of the day and I guess we were compared to our normal routine but Brian spent some time writing an article and I made some progress in my knitting.  I guess even the caretakers can have one of those days!

Guests today – 6

Guests total – 1247

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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