Sunday, July 23, 2017 – A mighty big ship for the cove


Seen on my morning walk with Pickles
Pickles overseeing her Kingdom, checking for her loyal subjects offering her bacon

This morning started out with a return to winter (ok, early summer) with a northeast wind blowing at 15 mph and the temps were hovering around 59 degrees.  The good news is the scenery was perfect for viewing because there was no haze or moisture in the air, we saw Monhegan Island for the first time in 2 weeks.

Today was another day of knee recovery for Brian, he is on the mend but no chores were on the list for today except greeting the guests as they arrived.  It is sad the grass on the plateau is going dormant because it is so gorgeous with the green surrounding the tower, but on the other hand, it means less grass cutting for our remaining time here.  We realized we have only about 6 weeks left of our season as caretakers, where did the time go?  I spent some time taking pictures around the island, I am so afraid I will miss this island so much I will need the pictures to keep me from getting homesick for Seguin.

Picture of the cove from the end of the Cove Trail

The first time this summer, we had campers at the campground.  They had camped last year as well, 12 young ladies with the parents on their boat supervising.  Last night was a more manageable number of 4.  It was fun watching the ladies walk along the island last night at sunset and hearing the laughter as they enjoyed their time on the island.

We offer a campsite for members off the Cove Trail

Guests started arriving up at the top of the hill around 10am and didn’t stop all day.  Again, there were repeat visitors from years past, FOSILS members bringing friends, newbies who have sailed by the island many times but never stopped and chose to stop because of our Facebook posts this season, the ferry group arrived with 28 guests and then we had a surprise visit from SY Marie.  We have watched this sailing yacht on past Sundays sail around Sheepscot Bay and mid-afternoon we saw her turn towards Seguin Island.

SY Marie, a 56 meter ketch, look how it drawfs the 40 foot sailboat it is heading towards

Brian and I were hoping she would sail between the northern tip of the island and Ellingwood Rock for the best picture opportunity.  Brian grabbed the camera with the telephoto lens and I took off running down the North Trail hoping to get to the point before Marie came through the cut.  Marie is a 56-meter yacht (182 feet) and she hails from the Cayman Islands but summers in Maine.  She is spectacular to watch under sail.  Anyway, I was just coming around the loop portion of the loop trail when Marie turned towards Seguin’s Cove.  Ok, there is no way she can fit in our cove, where is she going?  Brian and I had our handheld radios to communicate with each other during this escapade and we were both baffled when she started to drop her sails just outside of the Cove.  Boats are not supposed to anchor off or in the cove because of the electric cable that runs the sea floor, my concern was we were going to be in the dark tonight if the captain’s anchoring was off the mark!  After many pictures were taken, we both realized they were coming ashore for a visit, so back to the tower to get ready.  I guess we will need to wait for another chance for the picture between the island and Ellingwood Rock. Normally, the cove is a blind spot for us when we are up on top, but Marie’s mast is so tall it was taller than the plateau about 135 feet above sea level.

Marie getting to drop her sails and then drop her anchor outside of the cove
The mast was taller than the height of the island plateau

During the same time Marie was arriving, we had a few FOSILS members come into the cove with their sailboat, S/V Mer Aimee, another beautiful cruising boat.  Again, the people we have met this summer are so much fun to visit with, we hope to this group visits again this summer because we would love to continue our chat with them when they have more time.

Even Sam the Seagull made an appearance to see what all of the excitement was about
S/V Mer Aimee setting sail after their visit to Seguin
Marie in full sail on her way back to Boothbay, a simply beautiful sight to see
Mer Aimee was heading the same way as Marie, she is keeping great pace with the yacht on the way up the Sheepscot Bay

The day finally started to wind down, Brian made a great one pot chicken creation for dinner because I was to beat to cook, I was willing to settle for a sandwich and my pillow.  I am glad I held out for the pillow because the sunset was spectacular and as we were standing on the rock near the tram to take sunset pictures, a school of fish were off the east side of the island with whales following them.  Dreams and our reality are the same tonight!

Brian taking the perfect sunset shot for our memory book
And here is the perfect sunset shot with Mt Washington outlined in the background

Guests today – 66

Guests total – 796

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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