Sunday, June 11, 2017

The wind was howling for most of the day. The Hart family was safely on their way bright and early to avoid the winds that were predicted for the rest of the day.  We assumed there would be very few people adventuring to the island so off we went to show our friends, Debbie and Gerry Connolly the trails around the island and the nests of gulls and Eiders as they hatch.  The 4 of us ended up hiking along the Cove Trail along the shore line to Cobblestone Beach.  I could check on the hatchlings from this past week as well as the incubating eggs for the Herring Gulls and the Common Eider.  As we walked along the trails, Debbie and I tried to figure out the foliage surrounding us.  A little overwhelming.

Tara showing Gerry one of the nests, while Brian waits patiently along the way
Newly hatched Common Eider ducklings.

As we walked along the shoreline, I found a newly hatched Eider nest.  The eggs must have hatched in the past 24 hours because on my sunrise walk yesterday, it was a 5-egg nest.  I was fun to share this information with friends, and Gerry even identified another marine bird for me, but I don’t I will find a nest and eggs.

When we got back to the house, we saw our flag flopping in the wind with one part of the flag halyard detached from the flag.  On a boat, this would give me a chance to climb the mast to retrieve the halyard end but on a flagpole, it is a totally different plan of attack.  Brian and I seem to play MacGyver regularly on the boat, fix a major issue with string, duct tape and some sort of pole!  This is where a joke should be posed, how many people does it take to retrieve a US flag from the flagpole without it touching the ground?  The answer:  an environmental engineer/sailor, a Canadian builder from Nova Scotia, his wife to document the event with pictures and a Veterinary Manager who by default is the smallest person to climb the ladder!  Our creative tool is a boat hook from the engine house at the cove, and old aluminum gutter and a role of duct tape.  This gave me an additional 20-foot reach to snag the flag and pull it within reach of us.  The wind was of no help but eventually we succeeded in retrieving the flag and securing it to the pole for the rest of the day.

Trying to catch a wayward flag with a flagpole and an old aluminum rain gutter with 2 good looking guys holding the ladder
Flag retrieval success with Pickles and Phinneus supervising

The rest of the day was windy and cold.  The mainland was handling record setting hot temperatures, but with the wind blowing around 25-30 mph, we were relaxing with blankets, books and the space heater.

We did have 2 visitors today from a personal power boat.  The couple had come last year as well to climb the tower and today they wanted to hike the trails.

The sunset was ok.  I know, we have a chance to watch the sunset from all angles on the island, somehow it should always be spectacular but it was just ok!  No problem, we again had great company from our friends and we had homemade ice cream for dessert, in my opinion and perfect ending of a weekend.

Sunday Sunset over the North Trail

Guests today – 2

Guests total – 68

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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