Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – A great day off

This morning started out with us scrambling at the last minute on the beach because the Wednesday Warriors arrived a few minutes early and we didn’t have the dinghy floating yet.  There was a quick haul to get the dinghy in the water and then we slogged through the seaweed stuck in the cove since the northeast wind on Monday and Tuesday.  But not a problem, the transfer of the Warriors went without a hitch and we started heading to a fun day off the island.

We quickly got all our things into the van and planned a morning of breakfast and laundry.  After that we decided to head into Brunswick for a bike ride to the Bowdoin College campus to check out the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, a free offering for the frugal caretakers.  What a beautiful display of artifacts from Admiral Robert Peary’s attempts to reach the North Pole as well as other Arctic indigent tribes and their ways of sewing clothing to protect them from the severe weather. There was even a blanket made from the skin and feathers of Common Eiders, a known bird on Seguin Island.  The campus itself is beautiful and fun to ride around.

Admiral Robert Peary and Donald MacMillan’s image upon entering the museum
A blanket made from Common Eider skins and feathers
Views around Bowdoin College
Views around Bowdoin College
Views around Bowdoin College

Once we biked back to the van, it was time to explore a few back roads. Our goal is to find a route we can bike from Bath to Brunswick and it looks like we may have found a route from the laundromat to the bike trail in Brunswick, maybe we can try it out next week.

We enjoyed a lunch along the Kennebec River in Bath and as Brian sat in the shade, I did some shopping at Reny’s and of course, treated myself to an ice cream at Dot’s.  We left enough time to get our groceries done and off to Ethan’s to fill our drinking water containers.  While we were filling the containers, Ethan’s flock of chickens decided to peck at our feet, it was a little overwhelming when 12+ chickens start swarming us.

Lunch along the Kennebec River waterfront
The attacking flock of chickens

We met Ethan back at Fort Popham at 3:45pm for our trip back to the island.  He had a full tour to the island today and it appears the Wednesday Warriors were busy out there while we were playing.

Awaiting at the dock with all of our stuff to return to the island

There were guests arriving at 4pm for the guest quarters as well to spend the night.  They were arriving in the cove the same time we were, there was a little rush getting our things up the hill and welcoming them to the island all at once.  A very nice pair of young couples who are in love with the beauty of the island.

Guests today – 34

Guests total – 840

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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