Saturday, July 15, 2017 – A full house

Today was going to be a busy one, we were expecting a visit from my family and friends and the guest cottage was expected to have 4 as well. We spent the morning cleaning as best we could to get a cottage over 160 years old ready for mainlanders!  By 10:30, Brian and I were sitting on the porch waiting and relaxing a little until the minor misunderstandings began.  We thought Ethan was bringing all the overnight guests out on the 11:30 ferry, and it turns out, the 4 for the guest cottage arrived on their own boat and my sister’s group arrived at 10:30 on the smaller boat and we needed to do a mad dash scramble to pull the dinghy down to the water to unload them.  But, as always, just another story for the group to laugh about later.

A chance to sit down and enjoy lunch

Once we got everyone settled in and started with the tower tour for everyone, it was kind of a quiet day on the island.  All the guests were wonderful, and as the day progressed everyone was laughing, walking the trails and at 5pm, we planned the start of a group cocktail hour!  I also got one another surprise, a woman I graduated from high school with was bringing her family to visit and stay the night on a mooring.  Alrighty, lets add some more to the dinner excitement.

Even Sam the Seagull was enjoying all of the activity

Throughout the day, we did have a few groups of people from private boats visit the island, so it was just busy enough to be able to visit with my sister but also so she could see what we do on the island on a daily basis.  We had set up with Jackson Percy, a local lobsterman, to drop off 4 lobsters for dinner and he arrived and left them in a drop box on the US Coast Guard buoy. The lobsters arrived mid-day so dinner was set.  Also, as more and more people were being added to the dinner group, we improvised and had a delicious buffet set up for everyone to enjoy.

The total for dinner outside was 15, just crazy.  The island cooperated with the best evening so far on the island, perfect temperature, almost no wind, and the bugs did not show their ugly head until after sunset.  At 8:18, the sunset cannon was fired, pictures were taken, flag dropped, and the stories began.

Dinner with new and old friends
Michelle (my sister), Kevin and Pam Dunn starting with the attack on the lobsters
There is always someone telling a story

Sunset at 8:18pm

Guests today – 20

Guests total – 524

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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