July 14, 2014 – Guests arriving tomorrow

We had a relaxed morning today, went and did a little sea glass hunting at low tide and then attempted the North Trail.  The seagulls are still on the war path out there, hopefully they will calm down in the next week or so after the chicks are all on their own.  There was a lot of screaming and squawking and the seagulls were noisy too!

Brian with the tower in the back ground watching a schooner pass close to the north point of the island
A schooner taking the cut inside of Ellingwood Rock
The view of the tower dome from the North Trail
A cultivated lily found in the tall grass on our walk this morning, not an expected flower on the island

There were 13 visitors today but in small groups which we enjoy the best.  A chance to get to talk with each person and learn a little bit of their life.  Also, there are not masses of people everywhere which gives todays guests chances to take pictures of the amazing views without people in the shots.

After lunch, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  I have my sister and 3 others as guests this weekend and we will also have 5 people in the guest quarters, a full house! The forecast is for perfect weather this weekend, the food is prepped, the lobsters should be dropped off tomorrow morning and all I will need to do is a quick clean up in the morning.  The bad part of the forecast means there will be a lot of other visitors tomorrow, less time to spend with my big sister.

This weeks batch of ice cream, Oreo/Caramel
The mid way point of the Cinnamon Swirl Bread, it is going to be used for the French Toast Bake on Sunday morning
The Chocolate Kahlua cake is dessert tomorrow night in The Kahlua Disgust! A lot of chocolate, cream and kahlua
The bread is delicious, definitely having a little toast in the morning with my coffee

A group on Facebook, Sailing and Cruising, occasionally requests pictures of a cyber sundowner.  It is fun to see pictures from all over the world of people living and sailing on their boat, but Friday night at 5 pm, we all stop and lift a glass and offer a cheer across the internet.

Our contribution to Sailing and Cruising’s cyber sundowners
A perfect chicken stirfry with fresh picked spinach, lovingly prepared by Brian for dinner

Tonight we are sitting in front of the space heater with sweaters on, it is 61 degrees outside, surely summer will be coming at some point!

It is July 14th and it is only 61 degrees outside

Guests today – 13

Guests total – 504

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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