Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our day off routine is to wake up to make sure at least one cup of coffee is on board before we set off to meet Ethan at the Cove.  Nothing good happens without caffeine!  This morning was still set with a dense fog but the wind and seas have calmed down to make it an enjoyable departure from the island.  As we waited at the beach for the 7 am arrival of Ethan, we could hear the launch but did not see it until it was right at the mooring field.  New Englanders are used to sailing/navigating through fog but it is a great seaman that can do it with compass headings back and forth and nail the navigational aids without missing a beat, props to Captain Ethan.

An eagle just hanging out on Thursday morning in Popham Beach

As we unloaded our garbage, laundry and empty water jugs on dock, there was a lobsterman hanging around.  We asked him if he was out yesterday in the weather and he laughed a little and said he didn’t go out in that mess!  I guess our decision to cancel yesterday’s day off was a good one if even a hearty Maine fisherman did not want to be out with those conditions.  The forecast for today was partly cloudy and we had a bike ride in South Portland planned but it was looking iffy with the fog hanging overhead, but we still needed to stop at Southgate Restaurant for our morning off breakfast and hopefully the weather would improve.


The plan is to drive into South Portland and start our ride at Bug Light Park, this is the beginning point for the South Portland Greenbelt Pathway.  This is a multiuse trail keeping us off the busy roads in the area, we were blessed with great conditions as we started out and only had a brief shower when we returned from our 15-mile ride.  This trail had amazing views of Portland’s waterfront and a whole lot of green along the way.  What a luxury to find this little gem.  As we returned to Bug Light Park, we found a metal sculpture of a Liberty Ship and a walking museum beneath.  Another jewel we found.

South Portland Greenbelt Pathway
Bug Light
A view of Portland
Brian waiting as I take more pictures, this is a common pose for him
A portion of the South Portland Greenbelt Pathway

The Liberty Ships were built in South Portland for use during World War II, they were designed for function not beauty and were completed in record time.  The first Liberty Ship, John Davenport, was finished in less than a year and launched on May 15, 1942. The Liberty Ships played a large role in supplying troops at Omaha Beach and around the world.  The South Portland Shipyard employed many women as well and they were collectively called “Wendy’s” for women welders, in the same fashion as Rosie the Riveter!

Liberty Ship Museum at Bug Light Park

As we headed back towards Bath to finish our shopping, very dark storm clouds were moving in and the distant rumbles of thunder could be heard.  We called Ethan to make sure we still had a window to get back to the island, and his response was of course we would make it!  As we arrived at Fort Popham to unload our day’s stash, the skies opened in a torrential downpour, great wet clean laundry again!  I did my best in loading everything into protective plastic bags but it was raining hard and we still had to bounce our way back to the island, then the dinghy, and then carry everything up the hill.  The trip was wet, at least I remembered my foul weather gear, Brian didn’t and he regretted it big time!  Everything arrived safely on island with minimal wetness, bananas made it unbruised! And yes, the rain stopped after the last load was carried up the hill, only 2 trips this week.

The only negative we have regarding the entire stay at the island is the last hour of our day off every week, it is not fun to carry everything up the hill, after a fun filled day ashore it kind of puts a damper on the day knowing the work out ahead of us.

The evening skies cleared and we were treated to a very starry sky with a half-moon shining.  I played with my camera a little practicing for our first full moon on island next week.  I can only hope we have clear skies on June 9th to see the June Strawberry Moon.

Night shot of Seguin Lighthouse

Guests today – 0

Guests total – 27

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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