Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Brian rowing me around in the cove awaiting the launch to go ashore
A different perspective of the boathouse we rarely see

Our day off started out foggy, but we went ashore anyway.  Ethan and the Wednesday Warriors arrived a little later than usual because they had people from the Maine Trail Association with them.  It was a full boat when it arrived in the cove.  Brian and I were a little bored waiting on the beach and we were trying to avoid the bugs, so we were paddling around the cove for 10 minutes awaiting their arrival.  It was a chance to see the island from a perspective we don’t normally see.

The cove was full when we came down in the morning

Our plan for the day was to get all the normal boring chores done and then visit Freeport, I haven’t been in years and Brian never has been there.  At least there would be good people watching and everyone should visit the LL Bean flagship store at least once in their life. We are not much into shopping and Freeport is now a shopping vacation destination.  We also made a quick side trip to South Freeport to check out the water front, very pretty.

yes, we try to do the touristy thing
Brian took the challenge to have his picture taken in the woodland forrest house, he barely fit

Brian’s sister, Sheila, and friend Lisa, were to meet us at Fort Popham and come back with us to the island for a visit.  It was a funny ride back because the fog was so thick you could not see any landmarks on the 15-mile trip including Seguin until we were almost right on top of it.  After doing the volunteer dinghy shuffle and getting the lobsters from the cove that we had delivered, the long trek up the hill with all our stuff started, the worst part of our entire week!

Brian’s sister and friend await the ride out to Seguin

It was fun to show what could be seen on the island and we had a relaxing lobster dinner.

Fresh caught lobster is what’s for dinner

Guests today – 22

Guests total – 620

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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