Friday, July 28, 2017

Today started out with a perfectly timed low tide and a chance to go sea glass hunting.  The winds and seas have been unsettled through the week which has been bringing more pieces of sea glass on to the beach.  A perfect way to spend a little quiet time before the people start arriving on island. I also took a walk out to the cove to check for any seals but none today.  I did get about 1 cup of raspberries freshly picked for breakfast along the way.  Nothing like get a fruit serving fresh from the vine.

Raspberries are ripening all over the island
Pick them and eat them, it is all organic

The visitors started out from private boats arriving before the crowds, it was fun visiting with them and hearing about their adventures and sharing some of ours.  The boating community is so much fun to be part of.  Ethan brought another full boat out to the island at 11:30 and the rush began.  We try to give a fact filled tour of the lighthouse because we want visitors to be as excited about the history of Seguin as we are but we also have a limited time to get everyone up to the one thing each visitor wants to do.  I think today, Brian and I choreographed the tours without a hitch.  Everyone had a chance to hike, sit, eat and observe the beauty of Seguin.  As 1:30pm rolled around, everyone headed down the hill with smiles and thanks.

A sunny day on island with high cloud cover
A couple relaxing on the sunset bench after their lighthouse tour

Today, the sun was perfect for the display of rainbows within the tower.  This is one thing about Seguin I will never forget.  When the sun is the highest in the sky, the sun rays coming thru the prisms to create the crispest color spectrums.  I love making sure the little kids are lined up in the rainbow to have their picture taken, some simple things will never get old.

Rainbow within the tower
Even the lens was part of the rainbow tour

As the afternoon progressed, we finally sat down for lunch and were kind of thinking we may be done for the day until a nice young man, Rob and his dog, Godiva, came up the hill.  He sailed over from Boothbay Harbor with 3 friends and it was their first trip to Seguin.  This will become a long story but a fun one in the end, so stick with me!

I gave the four of them the tour up to the top of the tower and Rob and I started talking about sailing and how Brian and I are cruising on our old sailboat.  He asked what type of boat we have, and my reply was a 1965 Pearson Invicta and his reply was he used to sail on an Invicta.  Now this is where I normally mentally roll my eyes, there were only 21 made and we have hull #21.  This is not a commonly known boat but the name Pearson is.  Most people will then go on to tell me about a newer Pearson they have sailed on.  As we kept talking, he asked what our boats name is, reply was Scout but we had changed the name about 15 years ago when Brian first got the boat.  The original name was Thor’s Hammer (a slightly aggressive name) and this is when he got excited.  Thor’s Hammer was a Sea Scout boat in Long Island sound, sailing out of Stratford and Milford, CT.  We are from Bridgeport, CT originally.  Rob was a member of Sea Scouts in Stratford and sailed for many years on our boat as a teenager and was part of the crew when her engine blew.  He told us of stories of making hundreds of Monkey Fists to sell as a fundraiser for the new engine she needed and now is the engine we use as our engine.  So now I apologized to him for doubting he used to sail on an Invicta in his youth.  This is what we love so much about this summer position, if you take the time to talk to people, face to face, you find out there are many connections to be made that you can’t make through the iPhone!

Our sailboat, Scout, formerly named Thor’s Hammer
Rob and his dog, Godiva. Late afternoon visitors who have a direct connection to our boat Scout.

When all was done for the day, the mooring field was empty.  We were watching the Southport Air Show from afar on the front porch and getting to see a beautiful sunset to boot! 

Just a fun sight going by the island, a tug pulling a tug
Another perfect sunset
Phinneus and Pickles were done in for the day. They are always busy eating the snacks leftover under the picnic table from visitors

Guests today – 34

Guests total – 878

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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