Lightning storm and 15-20 mph winds prevented visitors on Monday.  Beginning of week, Greg and Mary worked on sumac control and painting indoor floors.

Wednesday Warriors finished repairs on gutters of Fog Whistle house and planted vegetable seedlings in garden.

Thursday, the summer solstice, brought out fifteen visitors on three different private boats.  The first day of Summer really felt like a change in weather and tempo of the island.

Sunday, today, Ethan brought out 28 visitors.  Adults and children had a great time in the sunshine and two are staying overnight in the Assistant Keepers house.

Coincidentally the overnight guests wanted to come out here on their honeymoon but we’re prevented by bad weather.  That was five years ago, when we were last here, and now they are celebrating their five year anniversary.

Below are June wild flowers in their glory, photographed on hikes around the island.

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