Thursday, August 31, 2017 – Not fit for man or beast

The sun rose with intensity, in fact it was almost blinding.  The winds that were predicted were not the reality this morning, the winds were light and variable but boy did the sea state change from yesterday.  The swells were starting from the west and even at high tide, there was a lot of noise from the waves crashing along Cobblestone Beach.

I started my morning trying to finish the slide show for the fundraiser on September 9th, how do you take a file with 10,000 pictures taken since May 19th and chose the ones to make a representative slide show of our stay on the island this summer? As hard as I tried, the slide show consists of a little over 400 pictures and it will last for about 25 minutes, oh well!  I kept tweaking the content and music to a presentation I was happy with and yes, the emotional part of me became very melancholy watching the memories fade across the laptop.

Brian started his morning with a little bit of weed whacking at the top of the south trail and around the cottage, I am a little bit freaked out about making sure the condition of everything is at its best before we leave.  While he was outside, I swept the tower out and made sure the museum and gift shop are all set.  The last thing I will need to do tomorrow is vacuum both sides of the cottage and pack up any leftover provisions.

The entrance to the mooring field in the Cove
The white water seen from the front porch of the cottage on the east side of the island

Once the morning chores were done, off along the trails with Tom to see the sea conditions.  The wind still did not pick up yet but the swells were impressive.  And when we made it to the cove, we realized there would be no visitors at all today because there is no way a boat could get through the 9 foot waves going directly across the cove entrance. When we got back to the cottage, it was lunch time and a little relaxation. I decided to make banana bread to use up some more of the provisions and the older bananas but the dilemma was I had used almost all the white sugar making jam.  Oh well a little improvising with brown sugar and the bread was in the oven.

I realized Brian was nowhere around and sent out a text trying to figure where he was, turns out he walked to the north point of the island to see the conditions out near Ellingwood Rock and he said it was spectacular.  So off to the north trail for Tom and me.  It really was spectacular, at this point, it was low tide so the crashing waves were intense, it sounded like a dump truck dumping a load of rocks on a hard surface constantly.  The pictures just do not do it justice.

Waves breaking between the north point of island and Ellingwood Rock
A standing wave at the mouth of the Kennebec River
Brian and Tom checking out the spectacular sea states
Waves crashing across the Cove and into the cliffs on the north point of the island
The seas were easily 9 feet with a continuous wave action, it never let up

Again, the dinner was a mixture of things from the freezer, spareribs, green beans, peapods and noodles.  Turned out very tasty.

The one thing I have not done all summer is walk down the cove and cobblestone trail at dark to be able to look up at the tower lit up.  Brian agreed to accompany me with flashlights so I can do the last island wish list!  It was gorgeous, I am so glad I did make the trip.

Guests today – 0

Guests total – 2507

USCG – 6


Thank you for your support!

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