Monday, August 28, 2017

A view from the North Trail

I am a day behind in writing the blog and I am trying to remember all that went on during the day, and it turns out when you have a photographer following you around during the day, you forget to take pictures.  And in case I haven’t mentioned this before, if Brian and I don’t take pictures during the day, we have a hard time keeping track of everything that goes on on any given day.  I usually download our pictures from all Apple devices and the ‘big’ camera and write the blog based on our photo moments.

So what I will let everyone know is we had guests who would be staying the night arriving on the 11:30 ferry, Michele Stapleton, Alex and her 5 year old son Cal.  Michele and Alex are both professional photographers and Michele was on assignment with the Island Institute for a photo essay on being a keeper on Seguin Island.  Very few of us like having our pictures taken but it ended up being a fun event after all.

As Michele and I were talking down near the cove, a very energetic young lady climbed up the beach steps, her name is Aline Dargie.  She is back visiting her mom in Freeport but for the past 2 years she has been sailing and writing articles about sustainability in French Polynesia.  What was fun about this encounter is she is currently sailing a small boat around coastal Maine waters while drying a specific type of seaweed along her boom which is nutrient dense and has the potential for a food source for people in famine based countries.  Michele and I gave it a chance and sampled some, I think for me it would be great added to a sauce or as a ground powder to add to things, but I am not much of a jerky type person so I don’t think I will be taking seconds of the dried seaweed as is.  This young lady is passionate and will be helping to change our future world.  To learn more about her journey you can check out her blog at and her motto is “sailing, seaweed and smiles”.

Aline’s boat leaving the cove fully draped in nutrient dense seaweed drying on her boom
And yes she can fully sail the boat with the extra seaweed

The rest of my afternoon I had a little helper following me around, a 5-year-old named Cal.  I had more fun with this little person who is far too intelligent for a 5-year old.  He helped me with chores and dinner prep and he almost killed me with laughter when he used the air quotes thing when he was telling me a story. His mom, Alex was grateful for a little peace and quiet on the front porch while he and I started our family style dinner. Who knew cutting up cucumbers and tomatoes would set up a scenario for a battle where we needed to swim across a mote of tomatoes and scale the walls of the cucumber pyramids!  Needless to say, I was laughing for over an hour straight.  I am far too young to be a grandparent but in the future if I had a grandson like Cal, I would be blessed.

Michele Stapleton, the photographer from Brunswick, ME and my new best buddy Cal
My sous chef, Cal and Sam the seagull supervising the prep of dinner
Sam the Seagull is never far away when food is involved! He is a bigger mooch than Pickles the chihuahua

After dinner, the 5 of us went up to the top of the tower for sunset and Brian set off the sunset cannon for Cal while he was up in the tower and another day ended on Seguin.

Guests today – 18

Guests total – 2468

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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