Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunrise as I sit at the desk and write the blog

This morning gave us a gorgeous sunrise, in fact, as I was writing the blog for yesterday, the sun was a brilliant pink/orange.  I am the lucky one whose desk overlooks the east and every morning there is this amazing present given to me.  Yes, I love my sunrises from the deck of our boat but on top of the island, nothing blocks my view.  When Brian finally got up he grabbed the camera and caught the sun shining through the clouds, kind of like this is where the aliens should be landing.  We still don’t get tired of our scenery, every day there are more pictures and memories captured because today marks our 2-week countdown until we are moving off island.

The sun shining through the cloud cover

We are expecting friends to stay this afternoon, so it was a quick clean-up of the cottage, reorganize the freezer and go down the hill to get 5 gallons of fresh drinking water, I think I have figured out after today’s carry up we should only have to do this 7 more times before we leave, yeah!

It was a typical sunny Sunday and that meant the steady stream of boats were in and out of the cove, it is amazing how fast some of the power boats can get from the mouth of the Sheepscot River, pick up a mooring and make it to the top of the plateau.  One guest did report the mooring field filled up this morning and boats were patiently waiting (not really) to pick up a mooring as one boat leaves.  Ethan’s brought 2 ferry trips out today which kept us on our toes but the second trip had our friends on it so I almost ran down to the beach to great the 2nd trip.

The island traffic report – a classic wooden sailing vessel under sail only around the island

I worked with 2 of my friends at High Ridge Animal Hospital in Stamford, CT and haven’t really had a chance to visit with them for almost 2 years.  They arrived, some a little wetter than others but hugs were shared all around.  It is always fun to have newbies to the island because you know exactly where everyone is going to stop along the Lighthouse trail and do the ‘Oh Wow’ moment!  Always fun to hear the gasps, some of the gasps could just them catching their breath but fun anyway. When new guests arrive, I am always at a lost as to how to truly introduce them to the island, carry all bags up, figure out where everyone is going to sleep, put food away all while they want to stop and just look at everything.  Brian took the family of 10 that arrived on the second ferry trip up the tower while I got to play catch up.

Leeward arriving with the second group of visitors and our friends!
Brooke and Pepper paddling Mark and Dianna in, unfortunately their landing got everyone’s seats a little wet
Tom and Shirley are the last to arrive at the beach with all of their belongings and food
The start of the trek up the hill. This is the moment when visitors realize the few bags they brought can get very heavy as you walk up the hill

The weather cooperated for the entire day, the flies with fangs were out this evening which pushed us inside for dinner, we had donated enough blood.  Dinner was delicious, conversation great and it flowed as if there hadn’t been a 2-year span between visits.  We did make it out for sunset and had a chance to go up the tower for viewing the perfect colors in the sky and as we were just gazing out, a minke whale swam by the island and allowed us to see her for at least 6 breaches, just perfect.

The table was quickly set inside for dinner because of the biting flies with fangs were too much to take

Luckily the bugs went away and we all sat out on the lawn, did a lot of star gazing with an app on the phone to help us identify the different constellations and we even saw Jupiter off towards Casco Bay.

Tomorrow is the full eclipse and I think the prediction is our area will see a 57% eclipse around 2:50pm, hopefully the partly cloudy forecast is wrong because how great is it to say we watched the eclipse of 2017 on an island in the Gulf of Maine!

Guests today – 78

Guests total – 2169

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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