Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ok, it was another weird day on the island, the wave size and wind that was predicted for today never materialized.  We had a beautiful day on island with only 6 visitors all day.  The only unwanted visitors were the biting flies, this was truly the first time we were forced inside the cottage because of the fangs on the flies!  I went blackberry picking and had to run back inside because I was being swarmed and I only have so much blood to give. Brian ran into the same problem when he went to check on the cove area.  We most likely have these unwanted guests because yesterday’s rain was the first real rain in months.

The manmade stonewall Brian found yesterday while unearthing his machinery parts, it is located off the Cove Trail
The South Trail, 0.28 miles and took me without taking pictures and waiting for others, 6:45 minutes to walk to the southern point
The loop trail starting at Cobblestone Beach Trail, around the island along the walks and then up the Cove Trail, 0.57 miles at about 21 minutes
The Lighthouse Trail from the wooden beach steps to the steps of the museum is 0.15 miles and climbs 135 ft above sea level, I did it in less than 4 minutes but the normal visitor should take about 10 minutes
The Cobblestone Trail is 0.13 miles one way, an easy walk for most at 3:18 minutes. But take longer and take pictures, the views are gorgeous

Once the wind picked up through the day, the flies seemed to move on.  I walked all the trails today to get exact distances and approximate times for the hike but I forgot to set my app when walking the North Trail, I am sure it was because of the distraction of the flies!

Today was the first day in a few months where we were bored.  Brian spent time writing and I knit some but was too fidgety to sit still for long.  Cleaned a little, walked around the island, and cooked.  My go to activity is usually to bake something but there are already too many baked goods on the island and no visitors.

Even the seagulls were bored and all hanging out on the Whistle House roof

As the evening progressed, we could see the fog filling in from the mainland which was disappointing for the sunset but gave Brian some great back drop for hauntingly beautiful tower pictures.

Another foggy night

Guests today – 6

Guests total – 2091

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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