Thursday, August 17, 2017

The colors of the sunrise made me wonder is we should all take warning

Another quiet start to our day, not much to do now the grass is mostly dormant.  The trails are most likely good until we leave, Brian wants to cut the grass down near the engine house today, I am going to pass the riding lawn mower over the plateau, and I need to finish getting the guest quarters ready for the visitors tomorrow night.  I started out walking the North Trail to pick the ripe blackberries and then did another big harvest of green beans from the garden.  Everything else in the garden is living on island time and taking its own slow time to harvest!

I found some more lilies near the north trail
The butterflies are everywhere today
A day time view of sunset bench

As always, our goal is to have chores done by 11:30 when we usually expect Ethan but today no one arrived, literally no one.  We have not had a day like this since the beginning of July, the sky was blue, wind was brisk but manageable but very little boat traffic around the island including no signs of lobsterman.  I realize we are 135 feet above sea level but the sea conditions didn’t look that bad for experienced mariners.

Brian’s first rock tower ever
A view of the tower from the cliffs on the southwest portion of the island

This afternoon, Brian was off the South Trail trying to find a hand rail we heard about yesterday where the fuel barge workmen would grab a hold of when they were delivering diesel for the generators on island back before we had electricity.  As Brian was off adventuring, I sat on the porch knitting and happened to look up to see over 100 porpoises swimming by the east side of the island, I tried to get some pictures but my lens isn’t strong enough but what an amazing sight, I watched them for about 15 minutes as they headed to the south part of the island.

100’s of porpoises swim by the eastern portion of the island this afternoon

Individually, we both walked the Cove to Cobblestone Loop, I was looking for sea glass at low tide (1:30pm) and Brian was hoping for some big surf.  I had a terrible day with my sea glass finds and the surf wasn’t all that exciting.

This week we have a lot of family and friends visiting us and I have been trying to coordinate everyone’s trip over with Ethan, I think after a lot of messages and emails back and forth, everyone has a ride out here that works for their schedules!  Normal life on an island that most land lubbers do not understand, it is not a highway where they can just get on and drive, there are so many variables to be considered and we are still watching ‘Gert’ the tropical depression heading off the coast which will bring some big surf, hopefully no one gets sea sick!

Time to get dinner cooking, ribs on the grill, rice and of course, green beans!

Tonight as we were listening to the news, we saw a fishing boat off the coast of the island, F/V Sunlight, a 34 meter fishing vessel who was lowering their stabilizing arms as they went by the island.

The island traffic report includes the only boat we saw close to the island today, F/V Sunlight, a 34 meter boat who was just dropping their stabilizing arms as they passed the island

Guests today – 0

Guests total – 2082

USCG – 6 I don’t think I am getting a helicopter landing anytime soon!

Thank you for your support!

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