Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today is our day off and we have a list of land based chores we need to get done.  But today is the day the lobster dinner was rescheduled because of last week’s weather, let’s hope everything works out as planned today.

The sunrise was gorgeous and I spent the early morning getting everything ready to head to town.  We needed a few more shopping bags today because it appears next week is going to be the busy week for our friends and family to visit, need to stock up on provisions.  My also big plan for today is to make it to Joann’s Fabrics in Topsham to get the rest of the yarn needed to finish Brian’s sweater before leaving the island in September.

All was perfect for our morning off, and everything was accomplished and we still got to the dock at 1pm with 10 minutes to spare.  Ethan met us at Fort Popham with a bucket of lobsters and off we went to the island.

All summer, Brian and I have about a 5 minute, once a week visit with the core group of the Wednesday Warriors but that is it.  We have not had a chance to get to know any of them and that may be one of our biggest disappointments of the summer of 2017.  We get to know our visitors more than the people who give their heart and soul to this island.  Anyway, the wind picked up when we arrived back and this was a blessing to keep some of the bugs away except the evil biting flies that appeared out of nowhere.  But the lobsters were cooked to perfection and there were a lot of them, and all the trimmings were great, but best of all was getting a chance to talk with Tom, Cyndy, Rick, Ethan, Ken and Julie.  This was one of our first days off where I didn’t come back to the island overly stressed out.

Everyone waiting for the water to boil and the lobsters to cook
The island’s traffic report includes the pass by from M/V Mayan Queen

As the evening moved in, they needed to head back to the mainland.  We all went down to the beach and I got the extra exercise of rowing them out to Ethan’s boat, a little bit of a challenge with the swells and seaweed pushing into the cove but everyone was delivered safely and off they went.

Tara rowing Ethan, Cyndy and Tom out to the boat for their trip back to the mainland
As Tara arrives to the boat with the second group, one of her friends is calling Ethan to arrange transport for a visit, so yes, she talks to him out on the water to make sure all is good

Brian and I could already see Mt. Washington because of the dry north wind, so up the tower we went for sunset.  It was a spectacular ending to our day, we were also blessed with a whale swimming past the west side of the island as we watched the sunset. It just does not get any better.  Good food, good friends and a view to die for!

Sunset with a visit from Mt Washington

Guests today – 15

Guests total – 2072

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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