Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The foggy sunrise from the caretakers front porch. I know there is a lot of spider webs, they get swept daily but the bugs on the island are always busy

Ok, my blog will start with the phrase I have typed many times this summer, another foggy morning!  The sunrise was beautiful though with it trying to burn through the fog.  Everything is wet this morning as if it rained but really it is wet from the fog, looks like the grass cutting will be delayed until Thursday now.

A foggy morning for the boat in the cove on the overnight
The 3 teenage seagulls from the cove beach. The parents are done actively feeding them, now they bring the food and the brats eat it!

I did get a chance to go blackberry picking and came back with about 2 cups of yumminess!  Within the next week, I think I will be overrun by berries, maybe I should sell them in the gift shop by the cupful! When I got back from my walk, Brian had started making breakfast.  He wanted to make bacon in the oven for the first time to see if it would help his timing on breakfast much and all the info we have read says it will be less messy, hum, bacon grease less messy?  It turned out great but we still had a foil lined pan full of bacon grease.

Miles and his dad were the first to the top of the Lighthouse Trail from Ethan’s ferry

Ethan’s ferry did make the trip because there were areas that were trying to clear and as the first guests walked up the hill, we could finally see the shore line around the island.  It was a fun group of people, we always love it when families are grouped around the tower with their picnic lunches, this is what Seguin life is all about.  As we kept the tours going, I walked over to a family of 4 sitting on a bench, I checked to see if they were interested in climbing the tower.  The young lady was more than eager and so happy to be here.  It turns out they are the family of Fred Karhl who was the keeper here in 1966-67.  Mr. Karhl was given credit for many photos in the museum because photography was one of his passions.  His daughter and family live in Montana but came for a family visit here to the island.  I suggested they may want to apply to be caretakers for a season, they are giving it some thought!

The grandchildren of Fred Karhl enjoying the top of the tower

Brian and I put up our plaque on the Caretaker wall, we are officially part of the island’s history, what an amazing group of people to be associated with over the past 222 years!

Yeah, we are the keepers for the 222th year of Seguin’s history

There were a few other private boats arriving in the afternoon and the wind started to pick up at the same time, any boat spending the night will be having a rolly night on the water.

Brian’s cousin, Barbara, sent us this watercolor of the tower that she did based on the photo’s we have posted, she has never seen the island in person and lives in LA

Cyndy also called this afternoon to let us know the lobster boil is on for tomorrow afternoon, weather looks perfect so hopefully no cancellation.  We have mapped out our day tomorrow on the mainland to get everything done and still be back in time for the festivities!

The butterflies are everywhere on the island today, a lot of good eating

Guests today – 29

Guests total – 2057

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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