Monday, August 14, 2017

Waking up this morning there wasn’t a breath of air moving and the sunshine was spectacular off the water, almost blinding. The family that stayed on the overnight slowly started moving out to the front porch with their coffee and I just relaxed on our side with a knitting project.  There were not many things Brian and I had to rush to get done so it was an extra cup of coffee kind of morning.

A very still morning, even the flag was lazy!

The tasks today will be cutting back the North Trail, sweep the inside of the lighthouse tower, harvesting the garden and cleaning the guest quarters once the guests head out to meet Ethan at 1:30p.  All doable.  The negative of no wind however is we are having the first of the summer visit of the dreaded biting flies!  They look like the innocent housefly but they must have vampire fangs because they hurt when they bite.  Brian and I have learned from experience not to use a fly swatter around Pickles, our 3-legged chihuahua because before she came to me she was abused and the fly swatter puts her in major panic mode.  As the flies try to consume us, we are defenseless to killing them so we do a lot of shooing away.

I did sneak in about 15 minutes on the beach at low tide this morning for my meditative sea glass hunt, found a few pieces but the boats started arriving in the cove so back to the plateau for me.  Brian went out with the weed whacker to the North trail, hopefully for the last time during the remainder of our stay here. I started with the cleaning of the tower, it is amazing how much sand and grass are tracked up the stairs.  I was lucky enough to be treated to some morning rainbows and still snuck in more pictures of the tower, it never gets old and I so want to remember everything about this experience.

The tower stairs, a simple subject but breathtakingly beautiful
Rainbows are still a favorite within the tower

Guests started arriving and the mayhem began, it was fun to have a new group of people to chat with, some on vacation and some are local who never took the time until today to visit Seguin.  We had sailors and powerboaters visit, young and old but all are bright eyed when they first turn the corner at the top of the lighthouse trail and see the plateau for the first time.

Finley waited patiently with me in the shade while his parents went up the tower

I did harvest about 5 lbs of green beans from the garden this evening, some were part of dinner and the rest, I froze.  After 3 years of being on the boat, I think I forgot how abundant a garden can be and probably over planted for the 2 of us.  If you look at the garden space I had to work with, most would think there was little to harvest but move aside a few more leaves and 10 more green beans are awaiting to be picked!  Still awaiting the tomatoes to ripen, but it may be after we leave so the Wednesday Warriors may have fresh veggies through Columbus Day.

The island traffic report included boats that are hard working and ones that are hardly working!

We were granted another gorgeous sunset with Mt. Washington in clear view.  I think this view is saved for Brian and I because the sunsets for the overnight guests this summer have not been very spectacular but we have had some private beauties to view. When I was knitting tonight, I received a text from one of our overnight guests from Saturday saying they went sea glass hunting at Great Diamond Island’s glass beach and she filled a cup within minutes but then realized it was a take memories not glass beach so she at least had the pictures to prove her mad sea glass hunting skills!

Sunset bench
Mt. Washington shows its outline for us again tonight

Guests today – 47

Guests total – 2028

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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