Saturday, August 12, 2017

A stormy start to our Saturday

Our morning started out rainy which was a great chance to have a slow start to the day.  We needed to start today with a burial service for my dog, Phinneus.  We decided on a spot where we felt would be a perfect resting place for this adventuresome pup but no matter how much you understand the passing of a furry family member it is still incredibly hard to accept it.  This gave us another glimpse of what life must have been like 100 years ago when adversity hits, you deal with it and get ready for the next situation that appears.  This was the case for us, the rain cleared and we went ahead with the burial but as we were heading down the trail our first visitors were coming ashore to visit the light house.  Maybe it was a good thing after all to stay busy all day to keep our minds off missing Phin.

Overnight guests were arriving on the island for 10:30a so cookies were baked for their arrival and a quick vacuum to the guest quarters.  Ethan requested we row out to get the ladies when he arrives because today is not a normal ferry day, and we love changing up our routine a little, especially greeting guests who are so excited about staying on the island for the night. While we were on the beach waiting for Ethan’s arrival the 3 young seagulls from the cliff were lounging on the beach, typical teenagers!  They have no fear of us so they just fall asleep where they stop, usually right in our way.  This morning the dinghy was the play toy for the 3 of them, they kept pulling on the lines for whatever reasons.  The 3 are flying but we still see the parents come back and feed them, yep, typical teenagers!

The typical teens that call Seguin Island home!

When Ethan finally arrived, I rowed out to start the shuttling of people and bags to shore and Brian is on the beach to grab the bags and bring them up to the steps. The ladies arrived a little windblown but in good spirits and were ready for their Seguin adventure.  We helped carry their things up the hill and got them settled in to the guest quarters and off they went to hike the North Trail.

Rowing out to Ethan’s boat, a very calm cove. Everyone and everything should arrive on the beach mostly dry
Our overnight visitors arriving a little windswept but happy to start their adventure
Oh, the climb has just begun

The day was not as busy as we thought it would be but some of the visitors said the rain stayed longer over the mainland this morning.  We did have a three groups of repeat visitors including the family of one of the Moustache Mama’s from earlier in the week.  Also, the young man, Ethan, who educated me on what an Ocean Sunfish was returned with his family and he agreed to share his whale photo with me from Ft. Popham, can’t wait to get that email!

Today’s island traffic report includes the Mayan Queen as it heads towards Portland this afternoon
We are always happy to see a classic yawl sailing by the island, wish we could catch a ride
The afternoon was mostly cloudy but was still a beautiful day on the island

As dinner time arrived, we made sure the ladies had everything they needed to grill out and we went inside to relax a little bit.  As we were sitting down, we heard a lot of screaming/yelling outside, I went out to see what was causing all the commotion and found Sam the Seagull helping himself to a bag of crackers off the picnic table.  The ladies were not impressed with his lacking table manners but Sam has his own plans.  After the uproar, Sam tried to maintain a respectful distance but he was more than willing to pick up any crumbs after they went inside.

Guests today – 24

Guests total – 1439

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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