Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This morning the wind had calmed down but was still blowing from the northeast and the swell going across the cove was strong enough to keep most boaters off the moorings.  Ethan confirmed he was not bringing a group out so today was shaping up to be a boring day.  The low tide was around 7:30am and I decided to walk down to go see if the winds blew anything fun up the beach.

A wall of logs mixed in with about 12 inches of seaweed at the cove beach
It will not be fun pulling the dinghy tomorrow morning to the water through all of this muck
Hopefully as the high tides move through, it takes a lot of this seaweed with it

When I made it to the beach I was shocked to see a wall of logs washed up close to the dinghy and all the rocks were completely covered with about a foot of seaweed.  All I could think was how hard it was going to land the dinghy tomorrow afternoon with all our provisions at high tide.

The blue skies are the perfect backdrop for the cottage and tower

After a lazy morning of lounging around, Brian and I decided to walk the Cove and Cobblestone Trails.  The wave action from the east was magnificent, there were breakers everywhere.  I was also able to eat about ½ cup of raspberries along the way, totally organic and freshly washed from all the rain.  When we got back to the top of the hill, lunch was served outside.  The temps were warming up and we had crystal blue skies, if it were not for the swells in the cove this would be a perfect day for guests.

Pickles doing her squint hypnotize thing trying to get Brian to share his lunch
Waves crashing near Cobblestone Beach

The swells were pushing an already high tide even higher up Cobblestone Beach

As we got ready to walk the South Trail, 2 couples walked up the hill for a visit.  They were on a short sailing vacation and had left Boothbay this morning and decided to stop to see the tower.  Both of us were impressed they arrived and decided to come ashore through the conditions down there.  After we took pictures of them with the surf in the background, they headed out and we walked the South Trail.  There are still a few juvenile seagulls out there but they are mostly feathered and ready to fly off on their own.  There was also a seal swimming off the southern point of the island, most likely ‘helping’ the lobster boat near him with his catch!

View from the tip of the South Trail
Brian taking in the view

As the day was winding down and I started dinner prep, Brian gave one more tour of the tower to 4 guys from a sailboat.  Brian was a little shocked when the four arrived walking up the tramway even though the sign says unsafe use path.  Brian asked them about why they came up by the tram and their reply was they did not see the sign, REALLY!

The notable event was Brian has now become the temporary Solitaire champ, his time is now 2:06 taking 8 seconds off my time.  Game on.

Guests today – 8

Guests total – 806

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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