Saturday, July 21, 2017

Today was another day where I wish both Brian and I were young and in great shape!  We are both feeling a little broken and old but we are expecting a busy day of visitors today, so we will just work through it.  Brian’s knee is still swollen and painful, he will get a day of rest to help his knee heal.  I started out the morning by working on the South Trail, it had been 10 days since we did any work on this trail.  A quick hour of weed whacking brought it back to great shape.  Afterward that was completed, I moved on to cleaning up the top of the island and using the push mower where the riding mower cannot get.  I was hoping to finish with all noisy equipment before 10 because we were expecting guests to stay in the guest quarters tonight and I don’t want to disturb their visit with a lawn mower all day.

We were also running low on drinking water in our cottage so I needed to get a 5-gallon container up the hill on my own.  Thank goodness one of the past keepers left a utility cart for me to use, loaded the 40 lb container in the cart and pulled it up the catwalk along the tramway.  We should be good now on water until Monday or Tuesday when Brian should be back in service!

I got the call mid-morning our overnight guests had cancelled so again the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are for us to munch on all day!

The rush of visitors started, I took the tours and Brian had greeting and gift shop duty, we really do make a great team.  All in all, it was a great day, we even had a few return visitors on private boats from earlier this summer, kind of like old friends now.

A couple relaxing after their tour of the lighthouse

Low tide was at 3:35 today and I took some ‘me’ time and went to the beach to sea glass hunt.  This may be the most soothing past time I have had.  It is amazing how quickly 45 minutes can pass.

Guests today – 34

Guests total – 692

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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