July 16, 2017 – Sunday

Another foggy start to our day on the island with our guests slowly emerging with cups of coffee in hand.  It gave everyone another perspective on life on the island.  Everyone’s cameras were out and taking those eerie foggy pictures hoping to hear the piano music in the background.

My sister, Michelle, out for a visit

After a blueberry French toast breakfast with my family, the ladies decided to walk down to the beach to go sea glass hunting at low tide. When we got down to the beach there were 4 boats already sitting on the moorings and even with the fog, more were motoring in.  The first signs of a busy day.

Brian and I both made it back to the top as our first new visitors for the day arrived up the hill, and then the crazy Sunday life on island continued. Brian and I have now figured out to trade off tours up the tower to give each of our bodies a break which helps with the days end exhaustion a little.  It was a beautiful blue sky on the plateau but the fog was still surrounding the island, it was fun to see from the top of the tower but the breathtaking scenery was missing from the surrounding geography.

The parking lot is almost full

My sister and friends were due to depart with Ethan at 2:15 and it was time to start carrying everything down the hill for their departure.  The funny part was about everyone on the island decided to leave at about the same time, there was over 25 people at the beach awaiting to go out to various boats.  It was kind of a sad moment when I saw them all left, I haven’t seen my big sister in about a year and won’t see her again until October for her daughter’s wedding in San Diego, I guess the price we pay for being wanderlust souls!

Everyone heading down to start the journey home
Dogs and kids always make for fun pictures
A young sailboat family enjoying some swim time at the cove beach
Even the dogs were having fun exploring
My sister and her group awaiting Ethan’s launch ride back to Fort Popham
And off they go, my brother in law Steve and friend, Kevin gives us the peace out from the dinghy

The afternoon was spent cleaning and straightening up our cottage and the guest quarters and the occasional snooze in the chair.  We had a few boaters come up for a tour but the crowning glory of the day was the 45 minute show the whales off of the east side of the island gave us while they were feeding.  We sat on the porch and were so excited every time we saw a blow spout, we lost count after a while.  Brian was patient enough with the camera to catch some shots, no perfect close-ups but proof we had quite a show.

A whale off of the east coast of the island

The birds gave us a pretty good indication where the whales were feeding
A blow spout

Dinner was relaxing and not like the mad house last night.  Then the few sailboat families in the cove came up to watch the sunset.  Brian took the hosting duty for that while I crashed for the night, hard!  He also took late night dogwalk duty to let me sleep.  Phinneus is having a hard time with his old age and is confusing night and day which keeps me awake most nights.  Gotta love him!

Guests today – 58

Guests total – 582

USCG – 6

Thank you for your support!

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