August is a busy month!

August is the month for visitors at Seguin Island!! Through Aug 20th, we’ve had 771 visitors in our 24 days. Volunteers Greg, Anne, Dave and Mary spent a weekend painting the lighthouse dome.








We had a memorable visit from Bill’s brother and his family from NYC. MITA crew members came for a day of trail maintenance. 8 Kayakers rowed in from the St Michaels Adventure Sports Institute. Small Point Summer School made their annual trip with 18 members . An intern from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission visited Seguin, she will be visiting all of Maine Lighthouses this summer. Members of the Freeport School enjoyed a  day at the light even though it was a bit foggy. We’ll have one final blog next week as our days here at Seguin wind down. We continue to enjoy meeting people from all over the world, beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets. We feel truly privileged to be able to care for this amazing part of Maine maritime history. Never a bad on the island!!

Welcome Donna & Bill Stinehour!

Donna and Bill’s first blog from Seguin Island light! We had to wait
out weather for a couple days in Bath, Maine until we were able to get
out on Ethan‘s lobster boat last Friday, July 27th. Since then we have
had gorgeous weather for our first five day. Of course the island is
always beautiful. It’s been busy but rewarding. We have met a lot of
wonderful people!  To date, we’ve had 145 guests including a visit
from the Coast Guard (to work on the light and fog signal). Friday and
Saturday we had a crash course on lighthouse keeping from Greg and
Mary. We reviewed all the utility systems and the daily routine of the
island. We were treated to a wonderful lobster and corn-on-the-cob
lunch our first Friday. We have spotted 3 whales, two on our first day
! Greg and Mary’s last night on the island (Saturday) we had a BBQ
chicken dinner and they taught us to play a version of domino’s,
called Mexican Train. Greg and Mary departed Sunday morning with the
tour boat and we were on our own. We spent the next few days giving
tours, keeping the quarters squared-away for overnight guests and
mowing. We took the time to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Thanks to Greg, Mary, Cyndy and all the other friends who have
assisted us in getting off to a smooth start!

Thank you for your support!

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