Island Rules

Rules for Visiting Seguin Island Light Station – 1986



  • Please do not anchor in Seguin Cove!
  • There are only (6) moorings available.
  • Be aware that you use the moorings AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Seguin Island has no dock, you will have to bring a dinghy. The beach is exposed from low to 3/4 high tide. Please remember that smoothed rocks at any tide are unstable and slippery. Coming ashore you will get your feet wet so preparation in advance is highly suggested.

Common sense rules and guidelines for all who come to visit the island.

    The Basics:
  • NO open fires allowed anywhere!
  • NO running on the trails! Be considerate of nesting times of the bird population.
  • NO feeding the wildlife!
  • NO walking on the Tramway!
  • NO Admittance to the tower without the escort or permission of a caretaker. All children must be accompanied by and adult. High winds are often present on the Lantern Gallery so caution is advised.
  • NO Admittance to the Keepers/Caretakers private residence.
  • Report any injury or emergency to the Caretakers immediately!
  • We adhere to a strict Carry in/Carry out policy. If you bring it on the island please take it with you when you leave. You are responsible for all that you bring onto the island including the trash and debris you may generate.
  • Dogs are allowed on the island but, due to the nesting migratory seabird colonies please keep them leashed at all times and please pick up after them! Don’t forget they will need water and provisions as well.

Sanitation:There is a composting toilet facility available on the island for public use. Everyone is asked to use this toilet near the bottom of the Tramway. All regulations and guidelines must be followed that are posted in the toilet house, this is to ensure proper and continual operation of this facility.

Clothing: It is suggested dressing in layers is recommended to adjust to the changing temperatures with winds that change with the tides. Rain gear is essential for sudden changes of weather and thick, rolling fog. Appropriate footwear is necessary, sturdy shoes are needed to hike the many trails and keep in mind your feet will get wet landing on Cove Beach.

Food & Drink: Bring your own food and drink for the length of your stay. It is strongly suggested that you bring your own water with you. All articles brought on island must be carried off. NO trash receptacles are provided.

Caretakers: Search out the caretakers who are there from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. They will be more than happy to take you on a guided tour of the tower to see the lens and through our museum and gift shop, they will also try to answer any questions you may have about the island and the light station. Please note that the lens itself is off limits to all, the light is still maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard.

By becoming a member you gain the privilege to stay in the guest quarters. Fees and reservations are required, if you’re interested and need more information please contact us today!

Other publications with useful information on how to navigate the waters around the island are Roger Duncan’s A CRUISING GUIDE TO THE NEW ENGLAND COAST and the UNITED STATES COASTAL PILOT.