The Fresnel Lens

Lens History by Friends of Seguin Island Light Station – 1986

From the islands naming to its U.S. history, Seguin is unique and some of Maine’s oldest history!

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The Seguin Island Light Station’s extremely rare First Order Fresnel lens is comprised of 282 individual glass prisms. It’s designed to bend and magnify light into a single concentrated beam. The recipe for this priceless lens is irreplaceable.


In 1950 this incandescent oil vapor lamp was installed. Currently an underwater cable from the mainland supplies electricity to the 1,000-watt quartz bulb in use today. The US Coast Guard is responsible for the operation and maintenance of this extraordinary lens.


Atop this 53 foot tower rests the gem of Seguin Island. Mariners observe this light from over twenty miles off Maine’s coast to guide them in good weather or bad. The light is always on at Seguin Island Light Station.


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