The Fresnel Lens are sparklie!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I will start todays blog with a little story of our trip over on Saturday morning and how an unfortunate loaf of bread gave us an amazing breakfast this morning.  As we were getting ready to load our provisions onto the launch bringing us out to the island, I handed Brian our loaf of bread and asked him to put it someplace where it won’t get squished on the trip over, no problem, right?  Fast forward to lunch on Saturday, I went to make sandwiches and asked Brian where he put the bread, a puzzled look from Brian was my answer, who knows where it ended up.  I improvised lunch with English muffins but it will now mean I need to start baking bread until next Wednesday.  When I finally had a chance to sort through the rest of our belongings on Sunday night and found a very squished loaf of bread on the bottom of the bag holding our foul weather gear!  This loaf was not in any shape to be used for sandwiches but I am a frugal sailor and had a hard time throwing it away.  The story fast forwards to today and a warm French Toast Casserole served for breakfast.  I will add the recipe at the end of today’s entry.

Today started out with Cyndy giving Brian and I lessons on how to use the riding lawn mower, it seems a little complicated until you get on and play with it a little while.  This amazing machine (my new best friend) has a zero turning radius and can be very sensitive.  It finally occurred to me it is a lot like driving a horse and buggy, which I did a fair amount when I was younger.  We both had a chance to practice driving around the pump house but the grass was still too wet from the overnight to give it another cut.  The lawn mower will just have to wait a little bit before I get full control of it.

Tara’s new best friend, the riding mower

Our task list today included cleaning the 1st Order Fresnel Lens in the tower.  This can seem a little overwhelming when you realize it is the only functioning 1st order lens in Maine and 1 of 3 on the east coast.  As we climbed the tower with bowls of warm water/vinegar and our rags, Cyndy gave us a sample tour so we can be sure we are ready to great our first guests.  Brian and I worked as a team on the outer prisms and Cyndy took the inside light.  It is amazing how much grime came off on the rags, but the prisms were beautiful when we were done giving us a rainbow lightshow with the sun shining through the light.

Cyndy cleaning the inside of the prisms of the 1st order Fresnel Lens

Brian’s distorted image through the prisms

It is very handy to have a tall person to clean the higher level of prisms


Tara gets the low prisms to clean or is she sitting down on the job?

A rainbow of colors as the sun started to shine through the lens

The sun came out finally to help dry up the grass and trails.  Brian started to work on the North Trail which over the winter had a fair amount of wind damage with branches and berry brambles laying over the path.  He started with the weed whacker, then the pruning shears, and finally just used the branch loppers for the rest of the afternoon.  This trail on a good day takes about a day of weedwacking the path but with the extra work, it will be a 2-day project.  Again, our goal is to have all trails ready for opening day on Saturday, hopefully the weather will cooperate for the rest of the week.

The Coast Guard Helicopter landing area, there is a brick outline of an arrow pointing north, difficult to see with so much grass covering it, by next week it should be easily seen from above

As Brian was out trail blazing, Cyndy and I started another pass over the lawn with the push and riding mower.  It is unbelievable the grass is so lush out here on the island, maybe a horticulturist needs to study it and market the grass seed as a disaster resistance strain of grass, most golf courses would admire this grass.  It is wind, sun, and salt damaged all year long but it is the softest grass I have felt under foot.  The two of us worked all afternoon to get the helipad cut, front lawn cut and raked and another inch off the rest of the grass with the riding mower.  It will need another cut and raking before this weekend to make it look presentable for guests.  The good news is that Phinneus (our dachshund) and Pickles (our 3-legged Chihuahua) are loving having grass to run on after living the past 3 years on our sailboat.

Phinneus is our 15 year old dachshund. He is truly a mama’s boy and is known on the sailboat as a butthead, always in trouble.

Pickles is our 3-legged Chihuahau. She knows she is a princess and is now considering Seguin Island as her kingdom.









It was a long day of hard work but our opening day list got a little shorter.  Again, we shared a lovely dinner with our new friend, Cyndy, who is going back to the mainland tomorrow afternoon and we will be on our own for the first time.  Both exciting and scary but we can’t wait for the next step in our adventure on Seguin.  Brian and I are organizing ourselves for our first day off the island which starts at 7am tomorrow morning when Captain Ethan picks us up in the Cove.  But before all of us say goodnight, we need to sit out on the sunset bench and witness another breathtaking sunset and look up to the tower to admire how bright our light shines out to any passing ship after spring cleaning from this morning.

Another beautiful sunset as seen from the sunset bench

The clean prisms added a certain sparkle to the lighthouse at sunset


French Toast Casserole

1 lb of bread cubed (you can use a very squished loaf of bread)

1 cup brown sugar

1 stick of butter

2 cups milk

6 eggs

2 tsp of vanilla extract

Cinnamon to taste

Melt the butter and brown sugar in a sauce pan, stirring frequently for about 2-3 minutes.  Pour melted mixture into a 9 x 13 baking dish.  Place the cubed bread into the pan.  Beat the milk, eggs, and vanilla together and pour over the bread cubes.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.  At this point, the baking dish can be covered and put in the fridge for the overnight or at least for 2 hours before baking.  Preheat oven to 450 degrees and remove cover from baking dish.  Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown.  I would also recommend adding a layer of bananas and pecans before adding the bread for a healthier option.

I served with warmed maple syrup……Oh so good.


Cloudy and calm morning to start our day with the forecast calling for heavy rain in the afternoon. Temperatures started in the high forties and rose to the mid-fifties by noon.  Figured with Cindy still here, her and Tara would clean up and set up the giftshop and museum in the morning as I did odd jobs and organizing a toolbox to keep basic tools at the house. Day remained dry into the afternoon so we set about cleaning Clivus restroom and clearing hiking trails. Had to fix broken hose that runs to the boathouse so we had water to clean the Clivus. We called the work day done at 1600 and started dinner prep and then a well-deserved shower. Wind increased from the south and rain started in earnest at 1800 just before we all settled down for supper.

It is only our third day but we feel a sort of routine starting to take place. Coffee and breakfast then start the day’s chores on our list adjusting them for weather conditions. Break for lunch then continue with chores until late afternoon.

 Tara after weedwacking trail.


Then we take showers and all sit down together for supper. Will feel lonelier at supper when Cindy returns to the mainland later this week. We settle down for the evening listening to music, reading and catching up on our media.  We feel tied but not rushed knowing we should be done with the Lighthouse opening work by end of week. After this week things should become even more routine with most chores being keeping up the grounds maintenance.  

First few days on the island…

Wow, what a crazy few days we have had, but a good kind of crazy! Brian and I have been waiting for the day when we finally arrived on the island for almost 6 months and this past Saturday was the big day.  As sailors, we watch tides and multiple different weather forecasts to give us a better idea of what we are going to face on our daily travels. Of course, the wind and a high tide was forecasted for Saturday morning to make it a bumpy ride out to the island and a wet landing in the cove. We were off on a “rocky” start but nothing was going to put a damper on our excitement to step foot on this rocky island out in the ocean.

Bright and early Saturday morning we packed the van with all our provisions and followed Cyndi down Rt 209 to Popham Beach to meet the Wednesday Warriors and Captain Ethan to make the 20-minute trip out to Seguin.  Brian, the dogs and I were greeted with smiles and laughter from the 6 volunteers that woke up early to make our first day on the island go as smoothly as possible.  We unloaded all our provisions and belongings on to the dock to load into the launch and hope most of it arrives to the island in one piece and dry.  I think the hardest part of the morning was convincing Phinneus and Pickles the ride was going to be short and the boat would not be heeling over at a 30 degree angle the whole time as on our sailboat.

Captain Ethan’s boat motored us safely into the Cove and the transfer to shore by way of dinghy began.  

It was not an ideal landing but nothing was destroyed along the way!  It was high tide (no beach to land) and the waves were surging on shore but Anne (one of the volunteers) safely maneuvered all our belongings, dogs, water jugs and people ashore.  Next order of business was getting everything from sea level up the hill to 125 feet above sea level. The dogs and I started up the hill so I could get them settled and come back down to help but half way up the trail and the view stole my breath away. I needed to stop and just look at what nature was giving me as my back yard for the next 4 months, incredible.

Saturday was a quick study of all things Seguin, tramway, donkey engine, catwalk, water pumps, wells, cisterns, composting toilets, and the location of everything, yikes! The volunteers have been opening the island as a group for years and worked like a well-oiled machine and Brian and I tried to absorb all that was taught. My day mainly consisted of cleaning the care keepers house and staying out of everyone’s way and Brian got to play with the group getting the tram running.  The tram could make 2 trips up the hill with all the water jugs and our belongings which saved many hours and future sore muscles of carrying everything up the hill.

  Wednesday Warriors getting a break!

In the first 4 hours of being on the island, the grass was cut, all systems started and inspected, hurricane shutters down and spring cleaning started in the gift shop and museum.  Only one malfunction from over the winter and that created a small water leak in the guest cottage, but was soon fixed and the puddle was wiped up before any damage was done to the hard wood floors. By early afternoon, the volunteers needed to head back to the mainland and I went down to the cove with dogs to see them off and take my first turn at rowing out to the launch.  The water had calmed down and the tide had gone out giving me a nice sandy landing area.  All went smoothly until I realized I was alone on the beach, Brian and Cyndi were up at the house and I needed to drag the dinghy up the beach to the high tide line!  Made it half way but admitted defeat when I reached the rocks, another trip up the hill to have Brian come back down to help!  This is the best boot camp for weight loss anyone could imagine, there is no shortage of cardio available on the island.

The island does not officially open until Saturday, May 29th but on our first day on the island we had 6 visitors, 2 kayakers from the mainland, 2 sailors that picked up a mooring for a short visit as they were delivering a boat to Connecticut, and 2 guests from a small power boat.  Not bad for not even being open yet!

At the end of Saturday, we felt at home, had a warm dinner with Cyndi and the dogs (I forgot to mention Cyndi’s dog Grady, a 185 lb Newfie/St Bernard Cross) and felt we had about a 25% grasp of our life here for the summer.  Saturday nights sunset was spectacular, almost nature’s way of celebrating our arrival here for the summer.  We could see a snow-capped Mt Washington on the horizon and the sun set directly behind the mountain.  Brian and I have seen many sunsets on our 3 years sailing the east coast and the Bahamas, but this will absolutely be considered one of the best we experienced. Afterwards, the flag was lowered on our first day as the 2017 Care keepers of Seguin Island.

Sunday morning arrived all too soon but with a cup of coffee in hand we were ready to face the never-ending list of chores.  Today’s goal was to get the grass cut near the Cove and Tram, clear out the Cove Trail, make sure the campsite was ready, finish taking down the hurricane shutters, cut the grass at the helicopter landing area and get the Cobblestone Beach Trail cleared. With the 3 of us working, we had everything completed by 3 pm when we declared and afternoon of laziness.  This also included hot showers for everyone because the cistern was finally full enough for us to use.  The afternoon was spent reading, knitting and catching up with Facebook. As Cyndi and I lounged around with the dogs, Brian was kind enough to cook dinner.  He agreed to make one of my favorites, a spicy sausage stir fry.  As we sat around the dining room table with a great dinner, we put together Monday’s plan of chores and went through more of the weeks agenda.  It turns out we will have a day off from the island on Wednesday but so too will Cyndi go back to the mainland, when we arrive back Wednesday evening we will be alone for the first time on the island.

After dinner, we finally climbed the light house tower to watch the sunset.  The steps were painted on Saturday so our trip up had to wait a day.  The view was beautiful and the clouds were filling in on the horizon for the expected rain on Monday. Cyndi gave us a few quicks highlights of the tower and the Fresnel Lens and I am hoping I can absorb as much of this information by Friday when our first tour of 14 people arrives. I am still learning the names of all the buildings and the use of each, I have yet to walk the North Trail, maybe Thursday with my trusty friend, the weedwhacker, as company.

We end day 2 with muscle fatigue, a full stomach and a sense of wellbeing that we were meant to be here on Seguin Island for another Flanagan adventure.   

Countdown to Opening Day!

Opening Day is Saturday, May 27, 2017! Is it on your Calendar! We are looking forward to a great season this year. Come meet our 2017 keepers – Tara & Brian Flanagan and their dogs, Pickles & Phineus!

Final Post and Happy Labor Day Hermine

September 5, 2016

Stomach soothing breakfast of pizza & eggs!

Stomach soothing breakfast of pizza & eggs!

The first sound we heard when we woke up this morning was big loud waves crashing on Cobblestone Beach at the shoreline in front of the house.  The forecast called for 6 to 9 foot waves and while they didn’t look that big (yet), they were still the biggest waves we’ve seen this summer.  It was cool, around 58 degrees, and a steady 10mph wind was blowing from the north.

Patty made herself fruit and yogurt for breakfast and I had reheated pizza from last night with a couple of fried eggs on top.  My stomach was still feeling a little funky and the pizza with crushed red pepper was easier on it than fruit (makes perfect sense, right?).

DSC00896 WP_20160905_10_49_04_Pro WP_20160905_10_49_07_Pro DSC00910 WP_20160905_10_52_58_Pro DSC00916 WP_20160905_10_58_14_Pro WP_20160905_11_00_18_Pro DSC00917 WP_20160905_11_06_59_Pro



Flags standing up in strong wind.

Flags standing up in strong wind.

After breakfast, we went down the hill to get some water and check out conditions in the cove.  After filling our four gallon containers, we left them by the info kiosk and walked out the Cove Trail where we can look back into the cove and also across the water towards the north and east.  It’s possible to walk along the rocks all the way from the end of the Cove Trail to the Cobblestone Beach but we hadn’t gotten around to doing that yet this summer and decided now, with big waves crashing against the rocks, was the perfect time.  Along the way, we took lots of pictures of the waves, little ponds of water caught on the rocks, and up the hill towards the lighthouse when it was visible.  It would have been a shame (on us) to have missed this hike during our summer on Seguin.

Retrieiving the window screen.

Retrieving the window screen.

We walked the Cobblestone Trail back to the kiosk to get our water and then up the hill to the house.  Back up on the porch, we were surprised to see a sailboat coming towards the cove from the northeast.  With the big waves and wind blowing into the cove, it would not be a good place to moor and ride out the cove.  We lost sight of the mast and couldn’t tell if it actually came into the cove or just checked it out before moving on.  A few minutes later, we saw the sailboat on the west side of the island and knew they didn’t try to tie up here.  Smart choice.

DSC_0319 DSC_0321 DSC_0326 WP_20160905_16_10_23_Pro WP_20160905_16_17_18_Pro WP_20160905_16_17_50_Pro DSC_0331 DSC_0332 DSC_0333 DSC_0337 DSC_0339 DSC_0345 DSC_0351 DSC_0352 DSC_0354 DSC_0359

WP_20160905_18_48_01_ProWe had the rest of last night’s pizza for lunch along with stuffed longhots and jalapenos (also good for an unsettled stomach) and triple berry pie for desert.  While were eating, we noticed the wind increasing in speed and then later, while we were in the living room reading, we heard the screen blow out of the bathroom window, ending up on porch roof.   Yeah, the wind was definitely picking up.  And the waves were now very noticeably bigger – easily reaching the forecast 6’-9’ heights.WP_20160905_19_00_22_Pro

Patty went out to hike the North Trail and to pick berries while I stayed inside and read and relaxed.  We had planned to cut the grass one final time today but with the strong wind, that just wasn’t going to happen.  Plus, my back is feeling better but not 100% yet.   Tomorrow.

WP_20160905_19_01_12_ProAfter Patty got back, we headed down the hill again to watch the waves in the Cove and at Cobblestone Beach.  The waves were huge by this time and we took lots of pictures and some videos that try, but fail, to truly capture the sound and power of what we saw.  The coolest part was the sound of cobblestones moved by the water as it rushes in and out.WP_20160905_19_01_31_Pro

Back up at the house, Patty slow cooked ribs we had in the freezer that Terri & John’s left us after their recent visit.  When they were finished, she also made grits with cheese and a side of sautéed chard from the garden.  We have lots of ribs still left to eat for the next few days.

WP_20160905_19_04_11_ProBy around six, the waves seemed even bigger than this afternoon and the wind was strong too, averaging 20mph or more from the Northeast.  When we went to bed, it was to the same sound of waves crashing on the shoreline accompanied by wind whistling past the house.WP_20160905_19_06_02_Pro


Today’s blog post will be the last daily post Patty and I write on the Seguin Island website.  For all of you that have read one, some, or all of the posts, thank you.  Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the site statistics so we don’t have any idea how many folks have been reading the blog except for the few comments we get on Facebook.  Even if only a few people have read the blog, we’re glad to have kept it throughout the summer so that we can always look back and remember fondly our time here on Seguin.WP_20160905_19_06_27_Pro

WP_20160905_19_06_15_ProA zero day was not what we expected for Labor Day after a busy summer filled with generally great weather.  By our count, we’ve had over 2,500 visitors this summer WP_20160905_19_13_42_Proincluding several groups of campers and Guest Quarter’s guests.  We’ve met so many wonderful and interesting from all over the world.  It has been a privilege for us to have spent the summer as caretakers and keepers of this very special place.

Finally, we would like to thank Cyndy, our “boss”, therapist, and friend from Friends of Seguin Island Light Station who helped keep things smooth this summer and always kept a smile on her face and offered an infectious laugh to whatever what going on.  And a huge thank you to

Ribs, chard, and cheesy grits for dinner.

Ribs, chard, and cheesy grits for dinner.

Ethan for safely getting us and our friends & family to and from Seguin.  It’s been great getting to know you and appreciate all you’ve done for us.  To all that came as part of the Wednesday Warriors, thank you for all that you do too.  You are the heart and soul of F.O.S.I.L.S. and make sure Seguin is a showplace for all the visitors that come to learn the history and appreciate the beauty of this exceptional corner of the world.   And thank you to all of you that helped us move out to Seguin in May and to everyone that is a member of F.O.S.I.L.S.

Mitchell & Patty

PS – If you’d like to keep in touch with us, we plan to periodically post to our personal blog about our adventures

once we leave Seguin on Saturday.  Our last entry is from several years ago when we were leaving a caretaking position in Mexico but you can sign-up to get notification of future posts if you are interested. / /

Visitors – 0

Favorite Moment(s) – watching the waves crashing on Cobblestone Beach

Sunrise – 5:58am
Sunset – 6:58pm

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Cyndy’s Surprise Visit

September 4, 2016

When I went out early this morning to raise the flag, our overnight guests Jennifer & Bill were already on the front porch eating their breakfast.  They told me they were up early to watch the sunrise and absolutely loved the beautiful

Breakfast tortillas, eggs, cheese, and salsa

Breakfast tortillas, eggs, cheese, and salsa

views everywhere on the island.  They wanted to know if we get blasé about the spectacular views living here and I told her that we try hard not to.  I know for sure we’ll miss seeing the ocean in every direction when we leave.

Cyndy and friends

Cyndy and friends

Patty and I sat out on the porch with our coffee before breakfast – it was comfortably cool at about 60 degrees and the sun was shining brightly on the water.  For breakfast, Patty made tortilla with eggs and cheese on top and homemade salsa on the side.

After breakfast, Steve and Peg who camped on Seguin last night, came up the hill and told us they got some good pictures of the lighthouse and stars last night.  Around 8:30 were then really surprised to see Cyndy and two friends come up to the house.

Pre-ferry snack

Pre-ferry snack

Cyndy said she called on the way over to ask if we could dinghy them in but our phone never rang.  Without one of us to get them, they really had a time getting ashore.  They nosed up to the beach and Cyndy jumped out to get the dinghy while her friends tied up to a morning.  Cyndy didn’t remember that we take the seat and oars out of the dinghy and didn’t notice until she dragged Hinckley to the edge of the water.  Cyndy then ran up to the Engine House and didn’t see the oars and seat (we kind of hide them a little so they don’t get “borrowed”) there so went to check the boathouse to look.  Not there either.  She checked the Engine House again and found them this time and then went back to the beach.  Ok, finally ready to go with the seat in and oars attached, she pushed off and realized she’d forgotten to put the plug in and water was pouring in.  Tough morning.  But, they did make it and Cyndy came up the hill to the house with her usual smile and laugh.

Helicopter hovering over Seguin.

Helicopter hovering over Seguin.

Visitors getting a family picture by the bell

Visitors getting a family picture by the bell

A couple and their two young children were our next visitors, arriving here from Ram Island where they camped last night.  They were followed by a father and his late-teenage son, the dad telling us that he and his wife had been substitute Lighthouse Keeper’s on Damariscove Island when his son and daughter we only a few years old.  Five guys came up together, one with a big black lab that ran around the yard, and found Jennifer and Bill eating on a bench, begging them for food.  Last night they had the Golden Retriever Abby after their dinner and today this dog after their lunch.  Luckily, they were good sports about it.

Swim races in the cove

Swim races in the cove – sailboat to CG mooring.

Patty and I went down the hill with Cyndy and her friends so I could row them out in the dinghy.  Patty got a couple of gallons of water and went back up before I dinghied them out because we had several groups on their way up the hill and Ethan’s ferry was coming into the cove.  I did beat the ferry and got Hinckley pulled up into her parking spot, tied up, oars and seat put away, and was up the hill before Ethan’s group.  Patty was giving a tour when I got back up and I greeted the first of the ferry group as they came up.  While Patty was still in the tower, a helicopter passed by pretty close to the west side of the island.  Is it landing?  Just when we thought it was simply passing by, it turned around and came slowly over the helicopter pad where it hovered and got lower, lower, and (what the heck?) took off.  It passed right over the camping area where Steve and Peggy were breaking down camp. Was he thinking about landing there…who knows?  We and the guests all got tons of pictures and video, but still none of a helicopter landing!

Visitors sailing out of the cove back towards Robinhood.

Visitors sailing out of the cove back towards Robinhood.

Ethan’s group was close to twenty visitors plus some others that stayed aboard to fish.  We also had lots more visitors that came on their own boats including a group of six that was made up by some repeat visitors and a couple that recently visited the Halfway Rock Lighthouse in the Casco Bay which was recently purchased at auction by an individual.

Small boat of guys fishing off the shore of Seguin

Small boat of guys fishing off the shore of Seguin

We took a quick lunch break, Patty making chicken sandwiches on onion rolls for both of us along with a stack of Pringles.  Sometime earlier in the day between breakfast and lunch, we also had a snack of cheese, pepperoni, and crackers.  Things quieted down for an hour or so and we didn’t have any visitors arrive – with the wind picking up a little and 6 to 9 foot seas forecast for tomorrow, we thought we might not see anyone else today.  Maybe everyone was getting their boat to a secure place to ride out the Hermine driven swells heading our way?



WP_20160904_18_45_52_ProWe were wrong.  After the early afternoon lull, a few more groups did come up for a visit.  A mom and her young son motored here from Merry Meeting Bay (they put in at Bath) on a boat she had recently purchased.  She hadn’t gone as far as Seguin in her boat before and wasn’t sure she would today but she said the water was pretty calm on the way over, better than expected.  Another couple with their adult daughter, all of whom had visited Seguin in prior years.  The daughter lives in Boston and said she came up to Maine this weekend to avoid the bad weather Hurricane Hermine is bringing that way.  They were out sailing for the day and were headed back to Harpswell after leaving Seguin.  Also in their own boat was a couple and their teenage daughter who had visited earlier this year.  Dad really wanted a 2XL shirt during the last visit and very happy to see the restocked gift shop.  T-shirts for the whole family!


Mt. Washington in New Hampshire on the horizon

Our final five visitors of the day sailed down from Robinhood, just up the Sheepscot River in a very nice, large sailboat.  A woman named Cricket was the owner and Captain of the boat and her



companions included two young ladies from Lima, Peru, another friend from South Africa, and a young man from the local area (I think).  The two from Peru saw our milepost sign and thought it was “totally random” (their words) that one sign was for Arequipa, Peru.  I explained that we have family there that we spent several months with in 2014.



After our last visitors went back down to their sailboat, we went down to checkout reports of a dead gull on one trail.  When we got down there, we saw several people in our last group of visitors racing one another, swimming from their sailboat to the Coast Guard mooring buoy and back.  They seemed to be having a great time but I’d bet it was chilly in the water, the cove now covered by shade with the sun behind the northern high point of the island.  We never did find the gull either – circle of life must have acted before we got there.



Patty made a pizza with red sauce, a couple of types of cheese, and pepperoni for dinner.  Our menu for the rest of our stay will be dictated mostly by what we have left in the fridge, freezer, and pantry shelves.  But don’t worry, Patty MacGyver will still make delicious meals, like tonight’s pizza, regardless of what she has to work with.

Visitors – 58

Favorite Moment(s) – helicopter fly-by, surprise visit by Cyndy

Sunrise – 5:57am

Pizza for dinner

Pizza for dinner

Sunset – 6:59pm

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Full House


September 3, 2016

The day started with raising the flag including the Lighthouse burgee beneath it which we fly on holiday weekends.  It was a little cloudy early with the temperature below 60 and a light wind out of the north that later died out before picking up later in the day to south/southwest.  As we sat on the porch with our coffee, we saw a lot of lobster boats

Early morning, start of Labor Day Weekend

Early morning, start of Labor Day Weekend

out, a lot more than we normally see all at once.  They must all be trying to get ahead hauling pots before high seas driven by Hermine arrive on Sunday night.

Patty's lunch salad with chicken

Patty’s lunch salad with chicken

We had fruit, yogurt, and granola for breakfast and afterwards, I went upstairs to lay down for a little while.  I twisted my back up on Thursday morning and it’s still not feeling quite right.  On top of that, my stomach also wasn’t feeling that great and coffee plus fruit didn’t make it feel any better.  While I was a slacker upstairs, Patty wrote the blog post for Friday and did some other chores around the house.

Mitchell's lunch sandwich with chicken

Mitchell’s lunch sandwich with chicken

Mid-morning, I was up again when our first group of visitors, twelve in all, arrived together on two boats.  There were followed almost immediately by another threesome from Ocean Point and then another group of six that summer in Maine but live in Los Angeles.  Without a scheduled ferry today, we didn’t have one big group and

Amanda and Abby on the tower steps

Amanda and Abby on the tower steps

then smaller ones like most days but instead a steady stream of groups of differing sizes all the way through sunset.  According to several visitors, there was a line of boats outside the cove circling and waiting for a mooring to become free.  As one boat would leave, another would come in.  And so it went…groups of 5, 2, 9, 2, 2, 2, 4, etc.

Two guys in this boat were scuba diving off the east side of Seguin

Two guys in this boat were scuba diving off the east side of Seguin

One Rhode Island couple with their dog was sailing south to switch their regular sailboat for their racing sailboat for a regatta next week in Portland.  One large family group included folks from New Jersey and the DC area staying at their family’s place at Kennebec Point.

Pie brought to us by our overnight camping guests Steve and Peg.

Pie brought to us by our overnight camping guests Steve and Peg.

Mid-day, Ethan dropped off two couples that will be staying with us overnight.  Though they rode over together, they are not actually staying together – Peg & Steve are camping down the hill for the night while Jennifer & Bill are staying in the Guest Quarters on the other side of the duplex from us.  Peg & Steve originally planned to stay two nights but they’re going to have to leave Sunday to stay ahead of the building seas.  Also, Steve works for a power utility in Maine that is sending crews, including him, south (probably to NJ he thinks) to assist local crews with Hermine cleanup and power restoration.

DSC00841Burton and Amanda were another couple that came up along with their golden retriever Abby (their pug Lucy stayed on their boat).  Burton’s father was stationed here in the Coast Guard from the summer of ’71 to the summer of ’73.  Amanda had never been to Seguin and they all DSC00845(including Abby) enjoyed the views from the tower catwalk.  Burton was interested in the Guest Quarters and the possibility of coming out to stay with Amanda and his parents sometime later this season or next.

DSC00850In a large group, one of the guys had on a Philadelphia Eagles and was desperate to find out news about a big trade that went down early this morning.  In spite of our news vacuum, I happened to hear the news while scanning the dial on the radio this morning that the Eagles presumptive starting quarterback going into the regular season, Sam Bradford, was traded to the Vikings.  I’m not sure if our visitor was happy with the news or not….  Others in his group had enough of the football chatter and wanted to get on with the tour!

Mitchell catching the burgee as Burton & Amanda lower the flag.

Mitchell catching the burgee as Burton & Amanda lower the flag.

Later four guys came out together from Ocean Point, one of whom had on a Phillies hat.  We’re getting lots of Philly fans today?  One of the guys told me it was their fourth year in a row vacationing together over Labor Day weekend.  Their wives stayed back at their Ocean Point house and didn’t join them for the Seguin excursion.  They all live near one another in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Burton and Amanda folding the flag.

Burton and Amanda folding the flag.

Two guys sailing together were our last visitors of the day, stopping here on their way from Damariscove to somewhere in the Casco Bay.  They’d been out for several days sailing and stopped here just to get off the boat for a few minutes to stretch their legs.  One of the guys had on a t-shirt that said Cusco, Peru on it and I asked if he’d been there because we’ve spent a good bit of time in Peru.  He said “what?”  I said “your shirt, it says Cusco.”  “A dollar at Goodwill” was his reply.

When it was close to sunset, just after seven, Jennifer & Bill (Guest Quarters overnighters) were outside cooking dinner on the charcoal grill and Peg & Steve (camping overnighters) were up in the tower taking pictures.  Steve is a pretty serious photographer with nice, high end equipment.  Amanda & Burton came up from their sailboat along with Abby & Lucy to watch sunset from Sunset Bench.  The dogs were really cute, mostly sitting at the feet of Burton & Abby as the watched the setting sun.  Abby did sneak off a few times to see if Jennifer & Bill were interested in sharing some of their dinner.

Flag lowered and nicely folded.

Flag lowered and nicely folded.

After sunset, Burton & Amanda lowered and folded the flag while we took pictures we’ll email to them so Burton can share them with his dad.  We ended the day with pasta and homemade sauce for dinner and then called it a night not long after.  It was a busy day and we were ready to hit the sack after dinner.

Visitors – 53

Favorite Moment(s) – sunset with Guest Quarters visitors, campers, and a couple and their dogs staying overnight in the cove.

Sunrise – 5:56am
Sunset – 7:01pm

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