Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunrise as I sit at the desk and write the blog

This morning gave us a gorgeous sunrise, in fact, as I was writing the blog for yesterday, the sun was a brilliant pink/orange.  I am the lucky one whose desk overlooks the east and every morning there is this amazing present given to me.  Yes, I love my sunrises from the deck of our boat but on top of the island, nothing blocks my view.  When Brian finally got up he grabbed the camera and caught the sun shining through the clouds, kind of like this is where the aliens should be landing.  We still don’t get tired of our scenery, every day there are more pictures and memories captured because today marks our 2-week countdown until we are moving off island.

The sun shining through the cloud cover

We are expecting friends to stay this afternoon, so it was a quick clean-up of the cottage, reorganize the freezer and go down the hill to get 5 gallons of fresh drinking water, I think I have figured out after today’s carry up we should only have to do this 7 more times before we leave, yeah!

It was a typical sunny Sunday and that meant the steady stream of boats were in and out of the cove, it is amazing how fast some of the power boats can get from the mouth of the Sheepscot River, pick up a mooring and make it to the top of the plateau.  One guest did report the mooring field filled up this morning and boats were patiently waiting (not really) to pick up a mooring as one boat leaves.  Ethan’s brought 2 ferry trips out today which kept us on our toes but the second trip had our friends on it so I almost ran down to the beach to great the 2nd trip.

The island traffic report – a classic wooden sailing vessel under sail only around the island

I worked with 2 of my friends at High Ridge Animal Hospital in Stamford, CT and haven’t really had a chance to visit with them for almost 2 years.  They arrived, some a little wetter than others but hugs were shared all around.  It is always fun to have newbies to the island because you know exactly where everyone is going to stop along the Lighthouse trail and do the ‘Oh Wow’ moment!  Always fun to hear the gasps, some of the gasps could just them catching their breath but fun anyway. When new guests arrive, I am always at a lost as to how to truly introduce them to the island, carry all bags up, figure out where everyone is going to sleep, put food away all while they want to stop and just look at everything.  Brian took the family of 10 that arrived on the second ferry trip up the tower while I got to play catch up.

Leeward arriving with the second group of visitors and our friends!

Brooke and Pepper paddling Mark and Dianna in, unfortunately their landing got everyone’s seats a little wet

Tom and Shirley are the last to arrive at the beach with all of their belongings and food

The start of the trek up the hill. This is the moment when visitors realize the few bags they brought can get very heavy as you walk up the hill

The weather cooperated for the entire day, the flies with fangs were out this evening which pushed us inside for dinner, we had donated enough blood.  Dinner was delicious, conversation great and it flowed as if there hadn’t been a 2-year span between visits.  We did make it out for sunset and had a chance to go up the tower for viewing the perfect colors in the sky and as we were just gazing out, a minke whale swam by the island and allowed us to see her for at least 6 breaches, just perfect.

The table was quickly set inside for dinner because of the biting flies with fangs were too much to take

Luckily the bugs went away and we all sat out on the lawn, did a lot of star gazing with an app on the phone to help us identify the different constellations and we even saw Jupiter off towards Casco Bay.

Tomorrow is the full eclipse and I think the prediction is our area will see a 57% eclipse around 2:50pm, hopefully the partly cloudy forecast is wrong because how great is it to say we watched the eclipse of 2017 on an island in the Gulf of Maine!

Guests today – 78

Guests total – 2169

USCG – 6

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ok, it was another weird day on the island, the wave size and wind that was predicted for today never materialized.  We had a beautiful day on island with only 6 visitors all day.  The only unwanted visitors were the biting flies, this was truly the first time we were forced inside the cottage because of the fangs on the flies!  I went blackberry picking and had to run back inside because I was being swarmed and I only have so much blood to give. Brian ran into the same problem when he went to check on the cove area.  We most likely have these unwanted guests because yesterday’s rain was the first real rain in months.

The manmade stonewall Brian found yesterday while unearthing his machinery parts, it is located off the Cove Trail

The South Trail, 0.28 miles and took me without taking pictures and waiting for others, 6:45 minutes to walk to the southern point

The loop trail starting at Cobblestone Beach Trail, around the island along the walks and then up the Cove Trail, 0.57 miles at about 21 minutes

The Lighthouse Trail from the wooden beach steps to the steps of the museum is 0.15 miles and climbs 135 ft above sea level, I did it in less than 4 minutes but the normal visitor should take about 10 minutes

The Cobblestone Trail is 0.13 miles one way, an easy walk for most at 3:18 minutes. But take longer and take pictures, the views are gorgeous

Once the wind picked up through the day, the flies seemed to move on.  I walked all the trails today to get exact distances and approximate times for the hike but I forgot to set my app when walking the North Trail, I am sure it was because of the distraction of the flies!

Today was the first day in a few months where we were bored.  Brian spent time writing and I knit some but was too fidgety to sit still for long.  Cleaned a little, walked around the island, and cooked.  My go to activity is usually to bake something but there are already too many baked goods on the island and no visitors.

Even the seagulls were bored and all hanging out on the Whistle House roof

As the evening progressed, we could see the fog filling in from the mainland which was disappointing for the sunset but gave Brian some great back drop for hauntingly beautiful tower pictures.

Another foggy night

Guests today – 6

Guests total – 2091

USCG – 6

Friday, August 18, 2017

Today’s forecast is reminding us a lot of our first 5 weeks here, cold, wet and windy.  There are supposed to be 5 overnight guests tonight and 2 on the campground but looking at the forecast, there is a chance they will all get to the island this morning but won’t be leaving until Sunday.  I will try to get verification from Ethan before putting the cookies in the oven for the guest quarters.

We needed to bring water up the hill this morning and Brian had found a piece of metal and a stone wall off the Cove Trail yesterday, so we are going to check out his find and then walk up with 5 gallons of water, typical morning.  When we made it down to the cove, it was surprisingly calm, just dark and gloomy.  If going by the conditions now, there would be no reason not to have people arrive, but we also have been watching NOAA and The Weather Channel, and we know things will be changing quickly.

The metal machinery pieces Brian dug up off the Cove Trail that he thinks are part of the old diesel engine on display in the campground

Brian showed me the metal pieces he wants to dig out as well as the stone wall.  This will keep him busy today but the bugs were getting me and the water was more important so up the hill we go. Once that was done, I needed to pass the vacuum one more time in the guest quarters but the vacuum hose was clogged and Brian gave me a lesson on how to use the air compressor in the Whistle House, no more clog, so much easier than a bent wire hanger.  The place is now spic and span which will guarantee no one will arrive.  But Ethan did finally text me saying there would be no visitors transported by him today.

Pickles was trying to cover herself in the fleece to stay warm and got caught in a hole instead. Yes she needed saving from the silly blanket trying to attack her!

By noon, the rain was here and the winds were picking up, it was going to be a lazy day on the island, maybe I will finally finish knitting Brian’s sweater. Brian arrived back to the cottage around 1pm soaking wet but he reports he unearthed 3 pieces of large metal that he believes are part of the old diesel engine in the campground, he also unearthed about 50 feet of a man-made stone wall down there as well.

Around 2:30p, I was sitting at the desk playing Solitaire because I am now the reigning champion but I can always better my time to make it harder for Brian to beat me.  I looked out the window and sure enough, there are people in the front yard in a torrential down pour.  I go out on the porch to say hi and find out their story.  They are 3 kayakers from Fort Popham and wanted to go up the tower and then have some lunch, really!  The winds were gusting over 20 mph and the white caps on the bay were impressive, and it is downpouring out.  Ok, Brian takes them up the tower and gives them a chance to go through the museum, their plan is to leave Seguin with an ingoing tide up the Kennebec River, doesn’t sound like the perfect plan but I will assume they know what they are doing and wish them safe journey.

The 3 kayakers having lunch at the top of the tram during a downpour

Over the course of the day, there were wind gusts up to 27 mph from the northeast, with a wind chill of 52 degrees, and 1.07 inches of rain fell.  We were bundled up and the space heater was going for most of the afternoon, yep, this is summer in Maine!

Guests today – 3

Guests total – 2085

USCG – 6

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The colors of the sunrise made me wonder is we should all take warning

Another quiet start to our day, not much to do now the grass is mostly dormant.  The trails are most likely good until we leave, Brian wants to cut the grass down near the engine house today, I am going to pass the riding lawn mower over the plateau, and I need to finish getting the guest quarters ready for the visitors tomorrow night.  I started out walking the North Trail to pick the ripe blackberries and then did another big harvest of green beans from the garden.  Everything else in the garden is living on island time and taking its own slow time to harvest!

I found some more lilies near the north trail

The butterflies are everywhere today

A day time view of sunset bench

As always, our goal is to have chores done by 11:30 when we usually expect Ethan but today no one arrived, literally no one.  We have not had a day like this since the beginning of July, the sky was blue, wind was brisk but manageable but very little boat traffic around the island including no signs of lobsterman.  I realize we are 135 feet above sea level but the sea conditions didn’t look that bad for experienced mariners.

Brian’s first rock tower ever

A view of the tower from the cliffs on the southwest portion of the island

This afternoon, Brian was off the South Trail trying to find a hand rail we heard about yesterday where the fuel barge workmen would grab a hold of when they were delivering diesel for the generators on island back before we had electricity.  As Brian was off adventuring, I sat on the porch knitting and happened to look up to see over 100 porpoises swimming by the east side of the island, I tried to get some pictures but my lens isn’t strong enough but what an amazing sight, I watched them for about 15 minutes as they headed to the south part of the island.

100’s of porpoises swim by the eastern portion of the island this afternoon

Individually, we both walked the Cove to Cobblestone Loop, I was looking for sea glass at low tide (1:30pm) and Brian was hoping for some big surf.  I had a terrible day with my sea glass finds and the surf wasn’t all that exciting.

This week we have a lot of family and friends visiting us and I have been trying to coordinate everyone’s trip over with Ethan, I think after a lot of messages and emails back and forth, everyone has a ride out here that works for their schedules!  Normal life on an island that most land lubbers do not understand, it is not a highway where they can just get on and drive, there are so many variables to be considered and we are still watching ‘Gert’ the tropical depression heading off the coast which will bring some big surf, hopefully no one gets sea sick!

Time to get dinner cooking, ribs on the grill, rice and of course, green beans!

Tonight as we were listening to the news, we saw a fishing boat off the coast of the island, F/V Sunlight, a 34 meter fishing vessel who was lowering their stabilizing arms as they went by the island.

The island traffic report includes the only boat we saw close to the island today, F/V Sunlight, a 34 meter boat who was just dropping their stabilizing arms as they passed the island

Guests today – 0

Guests total – 2082

USCG – 6 I don’t think I am getting a helicopter landing anytime soon!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today is our day off and we have a list of land based chores we need to get done.  But today is the day the lobster dinner was rescheduled because of last week’s weather, let’s hope everything works out as planned today.

The sunrise was gorgeous and I spent the early morning getting everything ready to head to town.  We needed a few more shopping bags today because it appears next week is going to be the busy week for our friends and family to visit, need to stock up on provisions.  My also big plan for today is to make it to Joann’s Fabrics in Topsham to get the rest of the yarn needed to finish Brian’s sweater before leaving the island in September.

All was perfect for our morning off, and everything was accomplished and we still got to the dock at 1pm with 10 minutes to spare.  Ethan met us at Fort Popham with a bucket of lobsters and off we went to the island.

All summer, Brian and I have about a 5 minute, once a week visit with the core group of the Wednesday Warriors but that is it.  We have not had a chance to get to know any of them and that may be one of our biggest disappointments of the summer of 2017.  We get to know our visitors more than the people who give their heart and soul to this island.  Anyway, the wind picked up when we arrived back and this was a blessing to keep some of the bugs away except the evil biting flies that appeared out of nowhere.  But the lobsters were cooked to perfection and there were a lot of them, and all the trimmings were great, but best of all was getting a chance to talk with Tom, Cyndy, Rick, Ethan, Ken and Julie.  This was one of our first days off where I didn’t come back to the island overly stressed out.

Everyone waiting for the water to boil and the lobsters to cook

The island’s traffic report includes the pass by from M/V Mayan Queen

As the evening moved in, they needed to head back to the mainland.  We all went down to the beach and I got the extra exercise of rowing them out to Ethan’s boat, a little bit of a challenge with the swells and seaweed pushing into the cove but everyone was delivered safely and off they went.

Tara rowing Ethan, Cyndy and Tom out to the boat for their trip back to the mainland

As Tara arrives to the boat with the second group, one of her friends is calling Ethan to arrange transport for a visit, so yes, she talks to him out on the water to make sure all is good

Brian and I could already see Mt. Washington because of the dry north wind, so up the tower we went for sunset.  It was a spectacular ending to our day, we were also blessed with a whale swimming past the west side of the island as we watched the sunset. It just does not get any better.  Good food, good friends and a view to die for!

Sunset with a visit from Mt Washington

Guests today – 15

Guests total – 2072

USCG – 6

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The foggy sunrise from the caretakers front porch. I know there is a lot of spider webs, they get swept daily but the bugs on the island are always busy

Ok, my blog will start with the phrase I have typed many times this summer, another foggy morning!  The sunrise was beautiful though with it trying to burn through the fog.  Everything is wet this morning as if it rained but really it is wet from the fog, looks like the grass cutting will be delayed until Thursday now.

A foggy morning for the boat in the cove on the overnight

The 3 teenage seagulls from the cove beach. The parents are done actively feeding them, now they bring the food and the brats eat it!

I did get a chance to go blackberry picking and came back with about 2 cups of yumminess!  Within the next week, I think I will be overrun by berries, maybe I should sell them in the gift shop by the cupful! When I got back from my walk, Brian had started making breakfast.  He wanted to make bacon in the oven for the first time to see if it would help his timing on breakfast much and all the info we have read says it will be less messy, hum, bacon grease less messy?  It turned out great but we still had a foil lined pan full of bacon grease.

Miles and his dad were the first to the top of the Lighthouse Trail from Ethan’s ferry

Ethan’s ferry did make the trip because there were areas that were trying to clear and as the first guests walked up the hill, we could finally see the shore line around the island.  It was a fun group of people, we always love it when families are grouped around the tower with their picnic lunches, this is what Seguin life is all about.  As we kept the tours going, I walked over to a family of 4 sitting on a bench, I checked to see if they were interested in climbing the tower.  The young lady was more than eager and so happy to be here.  It turns out they are the family of Fred Karhl who was the keeper here in 1966-67.  Mr. Karhl was given credit for many photos in the museum because photography was one of his passions.  His daughter and family live in Montana but came for a family visit here to the island.  I suggested they may want to apply to be caretakers for a season, they are giving it some thought!

The grandchildren of Fred Karhl enjoying the top of the tower

Brian and I put up our plaque on the Caretaker wall, we are officially part of the island’s history, what an amazing group of people to be associated with over the past 222 years!

Yeah, we are the keepers for the 222th year of Seguin’s history

There were a few other private boats arriving in the afternoon and the wind started to pick up at the same time, any boat spending the night will be having a rolly night on the water.

Brian’s cousin, Barbara, sent us this watercolor of the tower that she did based on the photo’s we have posted, she has never seen the island in person and lives in LA

Cyndy also called this afternoon to let us know the lobster boil is on for tomorrow afternoon, weather looks perfect so hopefully no cancellation.  We have mapped out our day tomorrow on the mainland to get everything done and still be back in time for the festivities!

The butterflies are everywhere on the island today, a lot of good eating

Guests today – 29

Guests total – 2057

USCG – 6

Monday, August 14, 2017

Waking up this morning there wasn’t a breath of air moving and the sunshine was spectacular off the water, almost blinding. The family that stayed on the overnight slowly started moving out to the front porch with their coffee and I just relaxed on our side with a knitting project.  There were not many things Brian and I had to rush to get done so it was an extra cup of coffee kind of morning.

A very still morning, even the flag was lazy!

The tasks today will be cutting back the North Trail, sweep the inside of the lighthouse tower, harvesting the garden and cleaning the guest quarters once the guests head out to meet Ethan at 1:30p.  All doable.  The negative of no wind however is we are having the first of the summer visit of the dreaded biting flies!  They look like the innocent housefly but they must have vampire fangs because they hurt when they bite.  Brian and I have learned from experience not to use a fly swatter around Pickles, our 3-legged chihuahua because before she came to me she was abused and the fly swatter puts her in major panic mode.  As the flies try to consume us, we are defenseless to killing them so we do a lot of shooing away.

I did sneak in about 15 minutes on the beach at low tide this morning for my meditative sea glass hunt, found a few pieces but the boats started arriving in the cove so back to the plateau for me.  Brian went out with the weed whacker to the North trail, hopefully for the last time during the remainder of our stay here. I started with the cleaning of the tower, it is amazing how much sand and grass are tracked up the stairs.  I was lucky enough to be treated to some morning rainbows and still snuck in more pictures of the tower, it never gets old and I so want to remember everything about this experience.

The tower stairs, a simple subject but breathtakingly beautiful

Rainbows are still a favorite within the tower

Guests started arriving and the mayhem began, it was fun to have a new group of people to chat with, some on vacation and some are local who never took the time until today to visit Seguin.  We had sailors and powerboaters visit, young and old but all are bright eyed when they first turn the corner at the top of the lighthouse trail and see the plateau for the first time.

Finley waited patiently with me in the shade while his parents went up the tower

I did harvest about 5 lbs of green beans from the garden this evening, some were part of dinner and the rest, I froze.  After 3 years of being on the boat, I think I forgot how abundant a garden can be and probably over planted for the 2 of us.  If you look at the garden space I had to work with, most would think there was little to harvest but move aside a few more leaves and 10 more green beans are awaiting to be picked!  Still awaiting the tomatoes to ripen, but it may be after we leave so the Wednesday Warriors may have fresh veggies through Columbus Day.

The island traffic report included boats that are hard working and ones that are hardly working!

We were granted another gorgeous sunset with Mt. Washington in clear view.  I think this view is saved for Brian and I because the sunsets for the overnight guests this summer have not been very spectacular but we have had some private beauties to view. When I was knitting tonight, I received a text from one of our overnight guests from Saturday saying they went sea glass hunting at Great Diamond Island’s glass beach and she filled a cup within minutes but then realized it was a take memories not glass beach so she at least had the pictures to prove her mad sea glass hunting skills!

Sunset bench

Mt. Washington shows its outline for us again tonight

Guests today – 47

Guests total – 2028

USCG – 6

Only 3 weeks left on island

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunrise was at 5:42am, the days are significantly getting shorter

Waking up this morning, we already knew it was going to be a busy, crazy day.  We had the guests from last night leaving, and they promised they would be packed up and out of the quarters by 10:30am, and the new family to stay was arriving at 11:30 with Ethan’s group.  Make dash to get everything ready in an hour with other people visiting the island as well.

This is the view from the Cobblestone Beach Trail, I have taken over 100 pictures from this spot and each one is different, I love the clouds hovering over the plateau

I did get the cookies made first thing this morning for Brooke (Ethan’s helper) and the new guests arriving.  So while they were finishing up in the fridge, I walked the trails to pick some blackberries which are in abundance on the island but are taking forever to ripen. While I was berry picking, I decided to walk the entire North Trail for a little quiet time from the world.  I was glad I did, 2 people over the summer said they had spotted a muskrat off the North Trail, and we have never had a chance to see one, today was my day.  Off the very point of the North Trail, there was a muskrat running around on the rocks.  It moved to fast to get a picture worthy of posting but another first for me, I have never seen a muskrat!  I think I found cranberries growing as well on the marshy side of the loop interspersed in the Cat and Nine Tails, they certainly like the cranberry plants/berries I grew up with in Massachusetts.  I will need to do a little more investigation on this.

Cranberries (I think?)

Cat & Nine Tails along the North Trail

By the time I got back to the cottage at 9am, Brian was already weedwacking the Lighthouse Trail and guests from the boats on the overnight were arriving for tours. The day begins!  The theme for most of the private boat guests were summer repeaters, 3 boats have been here before and their faces are starting to look familiar.  The S/V Sea Yawl was one of the boats stuck here for days during the fog a few weeks back and never had a chance to see the world from the tower.  The couple was on their way to Boothbay tonight and had enough time to come for a visit.  Their boat is an Alberg 40 Yawl which is the same design as our Pearson Invicta so when we see their boat we miss Scout even more.

S/V Sea Yawl, in process of dropping sails on their way to the cove, this time they can actually see the island and where they are going

I met the ferry at 11:30 on the beach to give the cookies to Brooke and Ethan but to also make sure our overnight guests knew where to go and how to get everything they brought up the hill. While I was down there, the ladies from last night were being picked up by their husbands in their boat for the trip back to Kennebunk, a lot of activity for the beach, thank goodness it was near low tide and room for everyone.

Two families enjoying a picnic on the plateau in perfect conditions, 74 degrees and a light breeze

Mid-afternoon, the island was sunny but a storm cloud dropped a fair amount of rain over the Boothbay Harbor area

The island traffic report today had large yachts just everywhere, this is MV Contina, a 30 meter yacht from the British Virgin Islands

A busy day on the waterways, this is MV Silver Shalis heading towards Portland

As we got the afternoon going with visits, there were two quick whale sightings off the eastern shore of the island, most likely Minke whales. The overnight guests spent a fair amount of time with binoculars hoping for a few more without great success.  We had one boat of visitors who walked up the hill at 6pm hoping for a tour of the tower, no problem, I took them up while Brian finished up grilling the steak.

Brian took the overnighters up the tower for sunset while I got to unwind because I saw the sunrise.  It is a good thing we sleep different patterns because we can cover the day’s full spectrum.

The sunset at 7:46pm, some of Mt Washington was in view

Guests today – 42

Guests total – 1481

USCG – 6

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A stormy start to our Saturday

Our morning started out rainy which was a great chance to have a slow start to the day.  We needed to start today with a burial service for my dog, Phinneus.  We decided on a spot where we felt would be a perfect resting place for this adventuresome pup but no matter how much you understand the passing of a furry family member it is still incredibly hard to accept it.  This gave us another glimpse of what life must have been like 100 years ago when adversity hits, you deal with it and get ready for the next situation that appears.  This was the case for us, the rain cleared and we went ahead with the burial but as we were heading down the trail our first visitors were coming ashore to visit the light house.  Maybe it was a good thing after all to stay busy all day to keep our minds off missing Phin.

Overnight guests were arriving on the island for 10:30a so cookies were baked for their arrival and a quick vacuum to the guest quarters.  Ethan requested we row out to get the ladies when he arrives because today is not a normal ferry day, and we love changing up our routine a little, especially greeting guests who are so excited about staying on the island for the night. While we were on the beach waiting for Ethan’s arrival the 3 young seagulls from the cliff were lounging on the beach, typical teenagers!  They have no fear of us so they just fall asleep where they stop, usually right in our way.  This morning the dinghy was the play toy for the 3 of them, they kept pulling on the lines for whatever reasons.  The 3 are flying but we still see the parents come back and feed them, yep, typical teenagers!

The typical teens that call Seguin Island home!

When Ethan finally arrived, I rowed out to start the shuttling of people and bags to shore and Brian is on the beach to grab the bags and bring them up to the steps. The ladies arrived a little windblown but in good spirits and were ready for their Seguin adventure.  We helped carry their things up the hill and got them settled in to the guest quarters and off they went to hike the North Trail.

Rowing out to Ethan’s boat, a very calm cove. Everyone and everything should arrive on the beach mostly dry

Our overnight visitors arriving a little windswept but happy to start their adventure

Oh, the climb has just begun

The day was not as busy as we thought it would be but some of the visitors said the rain stayed longer over the mainland this morning.  We did have a three groups of repeat visitors including the family of one of the Moustache Mama’s from earlier in the week.  Also, the young man, Ethan, who educated me on what an Ocean Sunfish was returned with his family and he agreed to share his whale photo with me from Ft. Popham, can’t wait to get that email!

Today’s island traffic report includes the Mayan Queen as it heads towards Portland this afternoon

We are always happy to see a classic yawl sailing by the island, wish we could catch a ride

The afternoon was mostly cloudy but was still a beautiful day on the island

As dinner time arrived, we made sure the ladies had everything they needed to grill out and we went inside to relax a little bit.  As we were sitting down, we heard a lot of screaming/yelling outside, I went out to see what was causing all the commotion and found Sam the Seagull helping himself to a bag of crackers off the picnic table.  The ladies were not impressed with his lacking table manners but Sam has his own plans.  After the uproar, Sam tried to maintain a respectful distance but he was more than willing to pick up any crumbs after they went inside.

Guests today – 24

Guests total – 1439

USCG – 6

Goodbye Phinneus

Friday, August 11, 2017

S/V Oliver Hazzard Perry

Good Friday Morning

Early this morning I was sitting at the desk overlooking the east side of the island and saw a ghostly site, a square-masted schooner sailing by the island!  This was even before sunrise but there was enough light to have it stand out.  It was just a little spooky seeing it knowing all the ghost stories that surround the island.  We have an AIS app on the iPad and used it to identify the boat as the S/V Oliver Hazzard Perry making her way up to Rockland from Portland. As I was taking pictures of the boat, I was also treated to a gorgeous sunrise.

A juvenile seagull hanging out with me at low tide for sea glass hunting.

I love this view from the North Trail, this was my view as I picked Blackberries this morning

Today is the day Ken Young from FOSILS was hosting a group from the Maine Maritime Museum and we were expecting them around 11.  Brian and I tried to get some chores done but again we were interrupted by early visitors.  We really want to get a chance to complete another complete pass on the trails with the weed wacker but it will be put off another day.  I did have a chance to pick some perfectly ripe blackberries and bake a dozen cookies for Ken to take back with him because I felt terrible on Wednesday when he was disappointed I hadn’t baked anything special for the Wednesday Warriors.

Ken Young talking with a visitor from the Maine Maritime Museum

This picnic lunch was by far the best one seen all summer! Cheers

Another happy dog visiting the island

The visitors in the museum group were so much fun to talk to and it was the first time I heard Ken give the historical narrative of the island, another chance to learn more about Seguin. As the day progressed, Brian and I take turns taking Phin and Pickles out for a breath of sunshine.  Brian mentioned to me in passing that something wasn’t right with Phin but he was stilling willing to eat a part of Brian’s lunch.  We had 4 sailors arrive in the cove later in the afternoon and as Brian was taking them up to the tower, I went to walk the dogs again and at this point I saw Phin having a difficult time breathing.  When I got him back in side, he collapsed and minutes later had passed away.  He led an adventurous life as our dog and I am so grateful he could pass on to the Rainbow Bridge on his own terms.  Knowing Phin, he will be the newest ghost story on Seguin, maybe a dog barking in the fog?  He will be missed but I am happy he is at peace.

Phinneus loving his boat life

Guests today – 41

Guests total – 1415

USCG – 6